Tuesday, November 11, 2008

bold i am

this happened about two weeks ago while i was in the Duta Court Complex.

i was outside magistrate court 6 and was busy scrutinizing the case list with sweat trickling down my back when a black guy approached me and asked, "excuse me, you a lawyer?" i answered yes. then he said that he wanted to talk to me. i asked him what the matter is about because i'm in a hurry and my case was not listed so i need to check with the interpreter and i had to get this done before the magistrate comes in. he said that he needs a lawyer. i asked him, "why do you need a lawyer?" to which he answered, "i just need a lawyer. you a lawyer, right?" obviously i cannot lie to him so i asked, "were you charged in court?" he said no. i asked again if he needs a lawyer for his friend. he said he needed a 'personal lawyer'. i said, "what for? why do you need a personal lawyer?" he replied, "it's not something that i can tell you now. we need to sit down and discuss. perhaps over a drink." i told him to brief me a bit so that i can tell whether i'd be able to assist him. again, he insisted that we should sit down and talk. i said "i can't talk now. i need to go inside. i have a matter inside." he then asked for my number and business card. he even said, "you're a lawyer, surely you have a card." then i remembered that i shall not simply give out my card so i said that my cards are finished. i asked him to give his card instead. he gave to me and the address stated on the card is a gift shop all the way up in Changloon, Kedah. i was like, "oh your business is in Kedah??" he said that it was his old card. he still hasn't made a new one yet. i was like, uh huh. he asked for my number and since i was holding the file (the office number was clearly written on the file) i gave him the office number and told him to call me the next day. he said, "what about your personal number?" i said, "since this is work-related, you take my office number." i almost, almost rolled my eyes in annoyance in front of him. but i didn't. that would be rude and i'd may be marked 'racist'. he took the number and asked my name. unfortunately i gave my real name. damn i should've given a fake name instead. he asked when he can call me so i said to call me the next morning. he asked, "what time? you're a lawyer, always busy right? what time can i call you?" i mean, come on...i took a deep breath and said to call me at 10am.

the next day he didn't call at 10am but he called around lunch hour and i had my clerk telling him that i was out to court.

until today, i still haven't talked to him, although he called a few times. should i take his call? is he for real?

he's from Trinidad & Tobago by the way. Not that i have anything against them but i just don't feel that i should layan.

what do you propose?


grenlina said...

i think kalo thru phone okay kot, tp juz be careful jela... we never who is our enemy until its too late... take care!

Arief Arf said...

dont trust them niggas.
not being racist or anything.
tapi dah mmg pun kan.
kang kena pukau ke ape ke, mane taw.
bukan leh caye sgt.

Zaim said...

tetibe you pegi spain dengan mamat tu, huhu...i watched too many movies.

seriously, conversation over phone is ok. i pon selalu je dapat walk "on" clients like that. i cakap, call ofis, fix apointment "along with my boss", then see how whether my boss takes up your case or not. am just an associate. it works all the time bebeh.

Jacques said...

Haha..sounds funny pun ada. But by the look of it its like something fishy is going on.and i think it wont do any harm to you if you dont layan him.It looks like anything cld happen kalau you layan him.who knws rite?Thank God u didnt gv him ur business card!

hid said...

i agree. i think it's kinda fishy.

i propose.. for u to just ignore!

banyak lagi kes u blh dapat! :D

sis said...

yep. something just doesn't sound (and feel) right about it. smart decision there by not giving your card. be extra careful babe!

Hotstuff said...

OMG!!! Pls be very careful. Takyah layan these kind of people. Definitely they are looking for victims...very, very fishy!

Izyan Darling said...

takut kang once layan kat phone, macam2 pulak nanti.

arief arf,
CHOY kena pukau!

CHOY ikut g spain! but no lah, it didn't happen only in movies what. banyak je kes sekarang.

God knows what can happen. *shivers*

betul...banyak lagi kes lain i boleh dapat, kan?

lucky i sempat tipu him about my card.

will be very careful from now on.

thank u all for your inputs. nampaknya bukan i sorang yang rasa fishy. anyway i really appreciate it. will be on alert and extra careful all the time.

Mama kewl said...

Size a person up before you get friendly - gave old card & not willing to briefly tell his problem. This should have triggered the alarm bell. Can dis incident be related to da couple you gave your card earlier on??? Sekarang ni, bila jalan tu, kena lah selalu pandang belakang ...& sekeliling. Be extra alert!

Bads said...

LOL. What are the chances of getting hit on by a Black dude in Court?!!

Try getting a colleague to talk to him if it really is work related...

Otherwise, avoid avoid avoid. Scary!!

Izyan Darling said...

mama kewl,
noted. but at that time he suddenly appeared so there's no way i can hide or run. huhu~

tell me about it! i also wondered, what the heck is a black guy doing in KL court? that's y i asked him if he was charged in court or whether his friend was charged. ugh! see lah if he calls again, i'll just pass the phone to the Boss. hehe.