Tuesday, December 23, 2008

2008 christmas wish list

dear santa,

2008 has been a wonderful yet thrilling year, a year full of its ups and downs. (details of which is within your knowledge). i must say i have been pretty nice. naughty is subjective so let's not go there, shall we? but really, i have been nice. ask the people around me, i'm sure they will agree with me. since i have been pretty nice, i won't ask for much. just one little thing...


all i need is lots and lots of this

because with that, i may get this,

if i get the above, i will become like this

if i have those above,

he will buy me this
(or at least pay for the down payment)
okay, i can buy myself...




see, i told you i don't want much. so santa, do you think you can fulfill this one little wish of mine? if you could, i would like to thank you in advance and i promise to be even more nicer next year.

thank you.


hid said...


are u sure in this one babe?

hihihi :P

Bads said...

we pray that this dude is no wife beater, no alcoholic, no scoundrel. we pray for him to be alim enough --which means his source of income in halal, that his mother loves you like her own daughter.

haha. can find kan? i'm so sure!

Arief Arf said...

oh come on,
a girl needs no luck at all to marry a bloody billionaire.

Anonymous said...

hoping santa will give me one too!

he he he

Izyan Darling said...

oh well...one can only wish (and dream). but then wishes do come true, right? so let us all wish that all of our wishes come true. =)