Monday, December 01, 2008

weekend project part 14

the Parents celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on 251108 so last weekend, apart from taking them out for dinner, i specially made them a cheesecake. since it was a no bake cheesecake, it had to be chilled overnight. i whipped up the ingredients on Saturday evening and only ate the cake on Sunday.

the ingredients. a lemon is also needed but it was not in this picture.

the base of the cake-digestive biscuit, cinnamon powder, brown sugar and melted butter

the mixture-cream cheese, whipping cream, gelatin powder, lemon juice and castor sugar.

pour the mixture in a spring form pan and chill in the fridge overnight. cover with cling wrap.

once completely chilled, slowly but carefully remove the cake.

i still had some green writing gel left from my previous baking project. i wanted to write "30th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY" on the cake but tak cukup so i wrote 30th and drew 2 hearts instead.

the base do get crumbly and the cake slightly wobbly after a while out of the fridge so it's best to be served chilled to get a smooth cut. i forgot to take the picture of the cake after it was cut though. maybe if i rajin, i'll post the pic of the sliced cake.


the cakes in all their glory


Malicious Mind said...

nampak mcm senang.. the digestive biscuit u hancu2 kan ker?

~ohara~ said...

coppppppp...nk tny u ni
adatak pg tadi u g kl court?
i rasa cm nmpk u dekat B1
depan registry session td
u pakai baju kurung kan?
nk takut salah org
kang malu plak..hehehe

sis said...

uhh ohh, that looks bloody yummy babe!

Izyan Darling said...

malicious mind,
memang senang gila. whip everything up, chill and voila! yup, i hancurkan the digestive biscuits guna tangan je.

yup, i ada pergi court semalam bahagian registry. and yes, i pakai baju kurung. u nampak i? ala nape x tegur? hehe. kalau x boleh kita g minum jap. =)

oh yes, it is bloody yummayh~

~ohara~ said...

ok..nx timr i tegur..leh ngeteh sama

Mama kewl said...

Thanx gal! The cake was wonderful. But what u packed melted in da car & went splat in da tupperware. However, put it in the fridge & voila it tasted finger licking good...literally.

grenlina said...

hi izyan, sorry OT jap... heard ur dad is coming to kl... tumpang gumbira utk kamu...

Izyan Darling said...

mama kewl,
glad u loved the cake. it was, afterall made for u and dad. =)

yup, it's confirmed that he's coming back to KL for good yeay! or oh no!! haha.