Monday, September 22, 2008

raya project part 1

nowadays, waking up for sahur and work has become a real pain in the ass challenge. pressing the snooze button on my hand phone has become a skill that i have mastered recently. sometimes, no, everyday i wish the night is longer. *sigh* anyway since raya is coming real soon (how fast time flies my oh my) i feel that raya wouldn't be complete without me making some cookies of my own. so i googled and yahooed for some recipes to try out and i found this. so i mangat2 went to Carrefour and bought the ingredients. initially i wanted to buy the instant chocolate chip cookie mix but it was out of stock so i had no choice but to bake from scratch. after berbuka, i took out my baking utensils, called The Maid to help me out and i managed to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies. it is very simple and easy yet it involves a lot of work. i don't think i'm really good at baking cookies as it takes a whole lot of patience, which is not my strongest virtue, unfortunately. it requires a lot of time and effort as you need to put the cookie dough one by one on the baking tray, wait for one batch to bake and then put in another and this process is repeated several times until all cookie dough is done. same goes with baking cuppies. i think i prefer baking a whole cake as you whip the whole thing, pour the batter, bake and voila.

the cookie dough

told ya it was tedious. this was before they were baked.

this is fresh from the oven. see how much it has expand in size.

i swear to you my house smells like Famous Amos.

The Maid helping me out with the cookie dough.

so now i'm done with one cookie and i plan to make another one or two, depending on my mood. the cookies turned out ok. i'm not gonna say they turn out great because they are so leper and lebar. no matter how i bulat-bulatkan them, they still end up flat. but then taste-wise, sedap gila! well obviously i'm gonna say it's sedap gila since i baked them. haha. so now i'm thinking of making some cornflakes cookies but somehow rather i feel that it's a bit too boring since everybody's making cornflakes cookies. see lah what wonders i can find on the net. any suggestions?


Zaim Zawawi said...

i like macadamia cookies. or raisin + oat. butterscotch pon i like. but not all of the em' above together, then it'll taste weird.

sis said...

make sure u pack some for me ok! cepat2 bake more, i only want home-baked cookies!

twayblade said...

being the only girl in my family, i;ve been entrusted with the job to bake cookies ALONE since primary school. giler kan? mmg mencabar iman betul, tambah i prefer to do it on the floor sbb lagi feel. hehe. anyway it's raya, once a year, so what the heck. penat pun penat la. janji sedap!!

Hotstuff said...

Yeah, there's nothing like home-baked cookies. It'll surely taste gd even tho' it may not look dat nice..(at times) hahaha. Those on sale look beautiful, colorful but lack taste. Keep on baking. How bout quaker oats cookies?

Anonymous said...

yelah..baking cake lagi senang i think.. izyan, i really envy your cooking / baking skills.. azam i tahun 2009 is to buy an electric oven and start baking like u.. kire hobby barulah ni. hehe.. btw, do u make pies or other types of pastries?

Izyan Darling said...

zaim zawawi,
i love all types of cookies especially those with chocolate and/or nuts! but i don't quite like raisin cookies though. =P

awwwww u want my home-baked cookies, even with millie's cookies everywhere and those yummy mat salleh cookies over there? =D ok will pack for you but for now baru buat satu jenis tu je. belum ada masa (as if) to bake some more. if tak sempat i'll pack that one je lah ye? =P

betul, sangat mencabar la buat cookies ni. tedious, lama nak tunggu. and by the time nak tunggu siap, dah almost half habis sebab makan sambil2 tu. haha. tapi memang puas hati bila dah jadi and especially kalau orang cakap sedap so lupa la segala susah payah nak buat tu, kan?

yes, the look may not be as nice as those on sale but to me, it's the taste that matters. besides, i get to boast around that i made those, with my own bare hands. i've tried quaker oat cookies before but i don't quite like it. perhaps i got the wrong recipe.

yup, baking cakes are way easier. i'm sure you can bake as well. with the right recipe, anyone can bake. ;) btw good for you dah ada azam nak start baking. as for other pastries, i pernah try buat apple crumble and shepherd's pie. even though i ada banyak recipe pie, belum really cuba lagi. maybe for raya i will try bake something other than cake.

Mama kewl said...

Hung up my baking apron since my old man prefers kuih kpg & heavy stuffs like rendang, ketupat, lemang to feast on. Nags saying baking cookies is a waste of time - nobody eats em & until raya haji still masih ada lagi. So just buy a few types to put on da table -jgn takde ...heheh