Friday, September 19, 2008

oh Friday!

i've always loved Friday but somehow rather today is an exception. the reasons being:

  • Bad traffic-I blame the DBKL and police. Tengahari buta pun nak tahan lori ke? Tengahari buta pun nak buat road works ke? In Jalan Tun Razak no less.
  • Super sleepy-I blame no one but myself for staying up late watching Click on HBO even though I’ve seen it before and then continue watching The Hills on DVD.
  • Raya songs on the radio-makes one feel so in raya mood thus so lazy to go to the office do anything.
  • Hot weather.
  • Puasa.
  • It's Friday.

Definitely not a good combination.

This afternoon as I was driving back from Shah Alam, traffic at Federal Highway was as usual. Congested for no bloody reason. There was this Nestle ice-cream truck and even though I overtook it a few times, I still end up behind the bontot of it. There were no pictures of ice-cream on the lorry however I cannot help but imagine what’s inside it. *sigh* Even if there were ice cubes or ice tubes inside it, I imagine them being blended into chocolate smoothie or shaved into ais kacang or cendol.

And then I imagined myself having a nice bowl of chocolate ice-cram drizzled in warm chocolate sauce or caramel sauce, sprinkled with nuts and cookie bits…heck, on a hot day, an ais krim potong pulut hitam also sounds nice.

The pictures below have nothing to do with today btw. I am just torturing you readers myself for no apparent reason.

look at those poor, tiny marshmallows. they were soaked and drenched in chocolate sauce. i wonder who's to blame for that? =D

what do you think of these? are you drooling already? i sure am!

now the spread at JW Marriot today better be good...


*iZa DoRa* said...

hmmmmmmm....i hate to say this..but hell yeah am drooolinggggg in jb pon its soooooo hot..and dkt ofis ni berpeluh2 saya...i wonder y do they service the aircond now at 2pm?????service laa at 9 am ke..all the more i dun feel like working..oops...

Izyan Darling said...

ahaks babe. naik la KL so we can go berbuka and eat like crazy! btw, u and ur aircond. kalau boleh duduk dalam fridge tu, dah lama ko duduk, kan? brrr~

Anonymous said...

did you have your iftar at JW Marriot? i was just wondering how was the spread?

Bads said...

how much??? how much???

worth it ke tak if mahal pon?

Jacques said...

Ohh..the usual KL situation.hehe.I kinda miss those.hahahaa.(yeah right!)
But..omg.the pics are sooo tempting!!!

Izyan Darling said...

yes i did, on friday with my office. the spread was great. so many choices to choose from. but the dessert wasn't that nice.

it's RM55++ per pax. i think it is reasonably priced for a 5-star hotel like Marriot, don't u think?

tempting, kan? i knowwwww! =D but Marriot's dessert were not as meriah.

Hotstuff said...

Tsk tsk!!! Everybody else happily lose weight during the fasting month & complain only putting on again cos gorging the Raya spread. Camne ni? Nih dah put on extra kilos ...come Raya???

Bads said...

aawww mannnn i'm sooooo going there...

and i'll just park myself at the marshmallows n melted chocs part of the buffet.. hehehe..

and yes! rm55++ sounds really good for marriot..

Izyan Darling said...

i don't believe that fasting month is a good time to start losing weight. lagi gain weight ada lah!

the marshmallows and melted chocs tu bukan di marriot. that was at flaming steamboat, taken a few days b4 puasa. and the other one tu was at kl convention centre. there's no such thing at marriot. x best langsung the dessert. they have a variety kuih2 melayu, some cakes and coloured jellies but the jellies are kinda tasteless. harap rupa je colourful. but then the price is totally worth it. if u do go, let me know what u think of the spread yeah?