Tuesday, August 19, 2008

weekend project part 12

the sister is married. phew~ the days preceding to the wedding was the most tiring, exhausting days. to top it off, i had a temperature of 38 degrees tsk tsk. but the excitement and the hullaballoo of it all makes me forget that i am sick. who would have thought that being the sister of the bride and also the bridesmaid is one helluva job. but i loved every bit of it. i had to set aside my needs as i had to take care of the bride. even though my make-up was melting, my face was shiny and i was sweating like a pig, i had to ignore because i had to make sure that the bride is looking her very best. she cannot afford to have a shiny face, she cannot have teary-eyes and i had to make sure that her make-up stays in place. phew~ i have stress written on my forehead that the photogs told me that i did not smile at all, especially during the akad nikah. boohoo. but then, i am sure that with the wonders of today's technology, those shiny faces can be edited hahaha. however, my duties as a bridesmaid ain't over yet as there will be a reception on the groom's side all the way up north in Perlis this weekend. and it's gonna be yet another long weekend. nanti i upload the pics, if you wanna see it lah. i have a lot of drafting to do before i take my leave on thursday and friday. tsk tsk.
by the way, some people thought it was i who got married. duuh. don't they know that DBY has two daughters (and two sons)? besides, how could i get married without inviting those who invited me to theirs my friends?
here's a sneak peek of Ms. Bridesmaid. hehe.


Anonymous said...

wahhhh camne u buat sanggul mcmtu? sangat kagum okehh.. sure rambut u pjg (or didya wear a wig)?

btw i like ur baju.. kaler dusty pink.. more piccies plssss !!!

Izyan Darling said...

thank u anonymous. fyi, rambut i tu hasil kerja tangan pak andam. tu semua my hair, xpakai wig pun. all he used was his hands, lots of bobby pins and tons of hair spray and voila~

Arief Arf said...

from the back, it looks ok.
but wait till u see the front.

Miss J said...

hello dearie..oh, do update with more pictures. Am all excited to see your sister, and you!, of course on the big day!

heard from kak ina that she looked stunning on that day. Not surprise at all ;)

Izyan Darling said...

wait till i see u at home! yes people wait till u see the front. lagi cun ok! muahahaha.

miss j,
will definitely update the pics soon. as it is, there are too many to choose from. of course nak kena pilih betul2 kalau tak nanti my sis bising if she thinks that she doesn't look good in it. hehe.

Hotstuff said...

Awwww.....u r a real teaser! 1st show the back, then slowly turn around, taking off - piece by piece???, one at a time??? slowly.....remember quite some time ago the eveready battery advert? man! wait till u see, ur sure gonna droooool...hahaha

Izyan Darling said...

exactly which advert are u referring to? enlighten me please.