Sunday, August 31, 2008

pre-wedding preparation

By right this post should come before the akad nikah post but due to certain circumstances, i only get to do it now. it all started on Wednesday evening itself where the pelamin people and khemah people came to set up the place. The Bride and Groom (and Ms. Bridesmaid) also had their henna done on Wednesday night.

The Groom applying henna.

The Bride all done with her henna.

Ms. Bridesmaid tumpang sekaki.

In the meantime, the pelamin people were hard at work.

The pelamin in all its glory.

Soon after, my henna started to fall off. Unfortunately I did not take any picture of the henna when it was all removed as i was too busy applying minyak cap kapak and also lime juice on The Bride's henna.

The Bride's foot.

The Bride's hand.

On Thursday afternoon, the aunts came over to help boil the eggs and then at night we had a kenduri doa selamat.

Some of the foods, which we did not cook obviously.

Later on, we started to fill the bunga telurs with telurs, of course. And i have never seen so many eggs in my whole life haha.



Anonymous said...

ermm..keciknya kaki u. ;P saiz berapa? btw rugi la u x amik pic henna kat kaki u tu lepas dah basuh.

anonymous 1 said...

izyan.. i luv the pelamin.. since im red roses die hard fan.. and the bride's baju !! i love i love i love !!! sgt cantiklah ok.. cant wait to see urs pulak nanti ..hehe

and kudos in keeping up with the tradition by giving out the bunga telur.. skrg dh jarang org bagi bunga telur as the wedding favour.. tp i still suka bunga telur..

ur sis suka warna merah eh?

Anak sinkung said...

Henna?...Those days berinai means taking daun from the inai tree found easily around the kpg/hse, tumbuk with gula batu & staining the hands & feet (called lipan bara?)Da steadfast colour results in da famous saying" merah inai belum hilang lagi sudah dapat anak, hehehe. Close relatives & family join in the fun (free ma...) with almost all young or old having at least 1 finger stained...ah, nostalgia

Hotstuff said...

Awwww....bunga telur! Dat's fabulous! These days it's bag of goodies like kerepet ubi la, fork & spoon la, jelly, cupcake & even small towel/hanky? - nak senang, senang lagi... tak memorable la kan? If not mistaken, eggs symbolise fertility & prosperity...yup! salutations!

Izyan Darling said...

kaki kecik senang nak beli kasut. =P

anonymous 1, anak sinkung & hotstuff,
we thought that giving away telur as the favour is traditional rather than giving away chocs/candles/other stuffs (even though the merebus telur part is quite a challenge!)

anak sinkung,
i remember using the traditional inai back in kampung. remember how one used to put a big round on the palm? there's no such thing as those flowery designs back then huh.

~ms tepung~ said...

wah canteknya pelamin :)

Izyan Darling said...

ms tepung,
terima kasih!

sashaLAH said...

loved the pelamin....

hey thanx for dropping by my blog.. :)

Myza G said...

i love the muchhhhhhh?nas great ideas ke? i nak kawin jugak next year.leave ur replies in my chatbox dearie.congrats.cantikkkkkkkkk!