Wednesday, August 20, 2008

part 1-akad nikah

here are some of the pics taken before, during and after the akad nikah ceremony at Masjid Al-Iqram, Kg. Dato' Keramat on Friday, 15 August 2008 at approximately 5.00p.m.

moments before i put on my selendang before going to the masjid

The Bride was a nervous wreck so i asked her to take some pictures in the car on our way to the masjid

Dad calming the Groom

pep talk by tok imam

the look on his face says it all

akad nikah was performed by the Father of the Bride (no wonder the Groom was a nervous wreck as well haha)

tsk tsk


she is officially his, he is officially hers

Mr. Best Man and Ms. Bridesmaid all matchy-matchy

on the way back home from the masjid



Miss J said...

gorgeous looking bride and sweet looking bridesmaid. Terasa debaran melihat gambar2 ini..

Alhamdulillah everything went well. She's happily married and now holds the "isteri orang" title. unbelieveable.

Hurm..when is your turn?? heheh

Izyan Darling said...

Thank u for ur kind words,miss j. alhamdulillah everything went well. Belah lelaki pun dah selesai. With regard to ur question, i dah penat menjawab to anyone and evryone. So the best thing is, i shall let nature (and fate) takes its course. =P

elviza said...


Oh poor sod the groom! To be solemnised by the father of the bride and a judge while he is at it! *Shudder*

Great pictures. When is your turn? Ahaks!

Hotstuff said...

Awwww... u r all smiles before & after the nikah. Why the grim look during the ceremony? U & bestman look so matchy-matchy. Yeah,can say look macam pinang dibelah dua, ....ada apa2 ke??? hahaha (just teasing - jgn mare)

Anonymous said...

is the mr. bestman single? he's cute.. hehehe

Izyan Darling said...

sis elviza,
kesian kan the Groom. but despite it all, he managed to do it sekali lafaz so hats off to him. with regard to your question, kindly refer to my earlier comment. lagi mau tanya ka? suruh ZZS sponsor i lah, boleh? haha.

i was tensed, thus the grim look. i pun tumpang nervous the Bride. lepas tu lega, barula boleh senyum. me and Mr. Bestman macam pinang dibelah dua? haha.

i don't have the answer to ur question. that, you have to ask Mr. Bestman himself. see if i can get him to answer here for u. ;)