Tuesday, August 26, 2008

part 2-house reception

i didn't get to take the pictures of the pengantin bersanding that night. but here are some of the pictures taken by others.

The Bride's gorgeous baju

Cake-cutting ceremony

The yummy (but a bit too sweet) three-tiered butter sandwiched with chocolate wedding cake.

The happy couple

This is Ms. Bridesmaid taking a breather with three of her friends who came. the second picture, i was showing off my henna-ed foot. i literally tumpang sekaki with the henna.

Later on the pengantin kena buli. they have to sing (much to the nuisance of the neighbourhood hahaha)

*some of the photos are courtesy of Mr. Bestman (who happens to be a photog as well)



MISS J said...

I lurve the wedding dress, and the pelamin and the cake and and and the list goes on....your sis looked stunning they said, and I cant agree more. Cant wait for her to be back and gossiping about the whole event

You take care.

p/s: yes, let nature takes its course. hopefully soon?? eheh

Bads said...

the backdrop is to die forrr!!!

nak tengok your henna!!

hotstuff said...

Awwww... you are really a teaser!!! Why just the back of the bride? Show la full frontal close up of the bride in the gorgeous baju. Likewise, am still waiting for urs as the bridesmaid...pleaaaase don't let me wait.

Anonymous said...

Special mention of the bestman....as a photographer. Hmmmmmmmmmmmm

the bride @ sis said...

hey you, wait for the official pics to siap la! camera biasa not so nice laa... pic belakang2, tepi2, teaser2 takpe.. heh heh..

Izyan Darling said...

miss j,
wait till u see her in the dress for the hotel reception. lagi cantik! the cake i yg order, i yg pilih the design hehe. but paid by the Big Brother.
btw, i hope nature will take its course accordingly, that is not too soon and not too late.

oh yes the backdrop is definitely not your typical pelamin. those are fresh flowers btw. my henna tu sebelah kaki je. as i said, literally tumpang sekaki haha. nanti i cari the gambar.

i don't have that many pic of The Bride in that baju. wait for the photos from the photogs lah ye. likewise, i don't have that many pic of mine either.

and your point is...?

muahahaha. hey those are pics from one of the photogs what. nak tunggu the real pics lambat sangat la.

Elviza said...


Your sister's dress is to die for. She is unorthodox in fashion sense that she did not choose to wear a veil.

I hated veil - still do. When I decided not to wear the veil during my wedding, few loud mouths said that I looked like an incomplete bride.

The heck I care! I wore flowers. Heh!

Izyan Darling said...

sis elviza,
i think you should reserve your comment because she eventually wore a veil during the hotel reception (and a really long one at that)! i la yang kena jaga her veil, angkat her veil and also make sure that i did not step on it while walking behind her hahaha.
p/s: can i see ur wedding pics? =D