Friday, June 06, 2008

nothing is free

…except dreams. For now, I can only dream about driving my dream car, which has somehow turned into a nightmare. Unless, I marry find a dying old filthy rich, multi-millionaire geezer, make sure he transfers all his worldly possessions into my name and then kill him die.

Of course, I am just kidding. Duuh. i told the Boyfy this so-called 'plan' of mine and that after I got all the worldly possessions, I will marry him. hahaha. alternatively, I suggested to him that we migrate to other parts of the world. he just shook his head. hahaha. the things he have to put up with, that poor guy. I told him this when i made him he teman me refill my tank the other day.

Terima Kasih negaraku tercinta. pfft. the least they can do to ease the rakyat's anger over the fuel price hike is to declare a public holiday on Monday in conjunction with the Agung's birthday tomorrow. those in favour, say aye!


Mohamad said...

fuelled up sis' kancil for a whooping rm58/21 litres of petrol just now... duh!

normal 1 eh the green green one, not the red petrol for ur red hot car :D


Izyan Darling said...

oh man. macam tak logik je RM58 for a small car like kancil, kan? itu baru harga hijau. hari tu i terpaksa isi merah la, hijau dah habis. silap2 mau terbang my car guna v-power hahaha.

Mohamad said...

kancil kakak i kaler hijau, isi hijau la... kete u kaler merah, kene isi kaler merah... baru padan :P

Izyan Darling said...

hahahah. ye la tu. habis tu keta u kaler silver, isi minyak kaler silver ke? mahal gila la isi merah. x berbaloi langsung. sebelum ni i xpernah isi merah, apatah lagi now harga dah naik. lagipun i x merempit macam u, bawak laju2, keta turbo2, bikin2. hahaha.

Sis said...

i told u to cycle dari dulu lagi. told ya! i can foresee all these things, you know! muahahaha.

Izyan Darling said...

*rolls eyes* mentang2 la dia cycle kat sana. itupun terpaksa kan? as if u would cycle here in KL. bwek!