Sunday, June 22, 2008

weekend project part 8

i always wonder why NTV7 shows Martha Stewart Show very late at night. more often than not i would watch it before going to sleep, with my lights off and all bundled up in my blankie. even though i feel sleepy, i would force myself to watch it because it always feature yummy cookings and easy-to-do recipes, which made me drool in the middle of the night. so one night i saw Martha baking Molten Chocolate Cake and my oh my I cannot tahan looking at the chocolatey goodness so i told myself, "i'm so gonna try making those." thank God for technology, i got the recipe from here. it is simple and easy to make, the ingredients are easily available and most importantly, they taste great.
add a dollop of whipped cream and you have a sinful dessert that will end up on your waist, hips, thighs and butt

unfortunately, it didn't really turn out as it should be. the inside of the cake should be oozing out when you eat it, thus the name Molten Chocolate Cake. i followed the recipe religiously so i have no idea what went wrong. perhaps my microwave oven was a bit too hot. never mind lah, as long as i get the chocolatey goodness out of it, i'm happy. i guess i'm gonna have to try it again next time.

to contribute to the expansion of my already huge waist, hips, thighs and butt, i also made lasagna. the lasagna sheets was bought some time ago but i never got to do it so off i went to get the cheese and other ingredients and voila!



What's that sound i hear? oh, it's probably my thighs rubbing against each other. boohoo.


farahlily said...

waaaaa me love cooking :) but got no time to do so!

and biler i have time (like last weekend), time tu larr mak i nak renovate dapur dier dgn jayanya, and all i have is a very dusty kitchen with a bunch of messy stuff :p and i cant even wash my car bcuz the porch area is damn dusty :p

so i hanya dapat merenung jer the fun section kat cold storage sabtu arituh as my mom said:

"ko buat le operasi tuh biler mama nye kitchen dah siap, okkkkk..."

my mum..... *sigh*

Anonymous said...

err...u buat those two sedap stuff just in one day ke?? *clap clap* rajin!!

Anonymous said...

just wondering, are u married? =P

Izyan Darling said...

kak farah
for now, let ur mum renovate the kitchen first. kalau dapur cantik, lagi semangat nak cook and bake.

yes i did. on sunday. saja tiba2 extra rajin pulak. =)


sis said...

ok, now u better keep those recipes aside and start planning when & what to cook when i get back. thankyouverymuch.

hotstuff said...

apa dah jadi ngan kuih tradisional kita ya - bingka ubi ke? kuih flat ke? kuih talam ke? apom ke? atau kuih kemboja? Instead of lasagnia - laksa johor ke, laksam, beriyani gam...among others.Sesekali tu go tradisioanl pulak lah - baru lah versatile!

Izyan Darling said...

sure sure. anything for you. =)

kuih tradisional memang ada tapi terpulangla pada citarasa masing2.