Tuesday, June 10, 2008

all the more reason

Some people say it is not good to hate Mondays since it is the Penghulu Hari. As much as I hate Mondays, I think somehow rather it is the matter of the mind. I mean, I could hate every other day if I want to, right? So I tried not to really hate Mondays and try to be positive but then fate has to play its part too. Just when I was starting to be positive, it had to happen on a Monday.

I came home yesterday only to find the maid missing. Missing as in disappear as in nowhere to be found, nowhere to be seen, nowhere to be traced, kapish. No wonder when I called home, nobody picked up the phone. I checked her room and none of her stuffs were there except for a blue ‘gucci’ towel. The good thing is, at least she didn’t leave the kitchen in a mess (except for a used frying pan ughhh) and had already picked up the clothes. These kinds of stories are always reported in the newspapers and now it happened to us. I dread to think about situations where the maid left the house and leave little kids all by themselves. So far, I don’t think anything major is missing, alhamdulillah. But then I won’t know because she might have picked some stuff that we are unaware of. The thought that somebody might have come by to the house to pick her and they may have duplicated the house keys sends shivers down my spine. It is surprising to know that she had made ‘friends’ (if at all, unless she’s so used to KL and knows where to go and how to get there) here because she has only been here for about 2 weeks. Apart from that, she said she’s worked in Sg. Petani back in the 90s. I guess these people can never be trusted. No matter how nice and well you treat them, they will somehow rather betray you, in one way or another. We have changed the house keys and I hope the house is safe. Now we have to go through the trouble all over again to get a new maid.

On top of that, lil bro’s handphone was snatched yesterday while walking from Pavilion to KLCC. I am sure that his life will no longer be the same without his phone on his hand, 24/7. This happened while he was walking while sms-ing. Heck, he’s always sms-ing anyway. It is indeed a tough lesson to learn. Unfortunately he did not get to see the motorcycle’s plate number as it happened so fast and he said the motorcycle was berasap. If only he had pulled back the phone strap slightly stronger, the pencopet could have fallen from his bike and he could beat him to death.

Yesterday also I literally mengamuk with the people from Streamyx as they said that we could not have internet connection due to the large number of people using it in our area and that they have limited number of ports(?). Now we are put on the waiting list and they can’t even tell me what number I’m on in the list. I was so pissed off that I told the person, “lebih baik awak dengar saya mengamuk kat telefon daripada saya pergi sana, mengamuk kat sana. Yang mana satu awak nak?” If they had told me in the very first place that the area can no longer have internet connection whatever, I wouldn’t have signed up and registered for the so-called combo, would I? It is simply ridiculous. Now they’re telling me that unless and until someone terminates their line, then only we can have ours, that is if we are number 1 on the waiting list. i am waiting for them to call me today and explain or else I'm so gonna serang TMpoint. just wait and see.

So there. And it all happened on a Monday. Of course, it was a coincidence.


Malicious Mind said...

I never like monday because i find it pretty damn hard to wake up on monday.. pelik kan?


I am so sorry to hear about the maid and stuff.. Last 2 years, my maid stole my clothes almost half of my collections.

For your case, I guess you are pretty lucky and better check for small, small things.. I agree with you.. you might not be aware its missing till you need it.

twayblade said...

penghulu segala hari bukan hari jumaat ke?

forget streamyx. try maxis broadband ke. for a change.

Anonymous said...

First thing in my mind..Apa sajalah bik kom jampi bibik2 baru tuh..haihh..so sorry for arief..

Izyan Darling said...

malicious mind,
likewise. that is one of the reasons why i hate monday. thanks for ur concern. tu lah, nak kena check benda2 kecik.

oh jumaat ye penghulu hari? thanks for the info. ;P looks like now we're gonna have to use other internet service provider. streamyx sux man.

itulah...these people can never be trusted.