Friday, May 30, 2008

attention ladies

dear lady drivers ladies,

if you happen to be very lucky to drive your boyfriend's/your dad's/your sugardad's/your husband's a huge ass car, i suggest you drive with style. by style i mean drive confidently and look good driving it. what's the point of driving a huge ass car with excellent engine with god knows how many horse power whatever when you drive at 60 kmph in the highways? and please do not put the seat at a straight 90 degree angle. and it does not help that your seat is as near as possible to the steering wheel. if you are not confident or brave enough to drive the huge ass car, i suggest you drive a cute little car like mine. please, your boyfriend's/your dad's/your sugardad's/your husband's car the huge ass car is not made of some fragile glass that you need to drive at a snail's pace. come on! langsung takde style lah! one more thing, if you don't know how to drive an automatic car, by all means drive a manual car because you keep on braking every five seconds and i seriously wish that either we are on the bump-bump car track or i'm driving a monster truck so that i could hit you and smash you real hard from the back.

this is just a piece of 'friendly' advise from one lady to another. thank you.

yours truly,
unlady-like driver who is not lucky enough (yet) to drive a huge ass car


Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

yeah when r we gonna get lucky?..
huhu.. nk huge ass car gak.. ;p
i hate it when these huge ass cars most of the time just changes lane without signaling.. mcm on purpose je.. looks in the side mirror, sees a kelisa n thot "ah keta ni mst bg jln punye".. wargg! x kire la the kelisa was speeding ke pe.. sakit jiwe rage..

Bads said...

Zein won't let me drive his Swift cause it's new! Damnit!

And since I got back to KK, I feel like I am a road bully cause people here don't know the difference between right lane and left lane which makes me want to honking them every second. But my dad has modified my honk and it sounds really ugly, I can't even describe. I avoid using the honk now.. So, if I drive my car and someone is annoying me by taking a Sunday-morning-drive on a Monday, I just flash the high lights.. hehehe..

msYuz said...

tamau jumpa ngan izyan nanti,sebab akak yang terkial-kial ni lum dapat lesen P lagi.

harus kena highlight jelaa ngan kancil merah itew....

Izyan Darling said...

soon we will also be driving a huge ass car. *fingers crossed* betul la, dorg ni main masuk je depan kita. i rasa la kan, kenapa dorg berani masuk depan kita, sebab kalaula terlanggar ke apa, the damages will not be that expensive compared to kalau dorg hit another huge ass car, betul x?

at least u guna the lampu je. i ni, kadang2 bila geram, not only do i honk them but i also flash the lights (and also some other physical gestures which i shall not mention here hahaha). sunday-morning drive on a monday=bloody hell (esp when one is rushing and sweating to drive to the shah alam court). *sigh*

let's hope that one day kancil merah itu akan transform into a mini cooper (any colour will do but preferably metallic pink) and/or a vw beetle. =D

Malicious Mind said...

this is funny. hahaha!

It looks like a typical rich ass lady driving a huge ass car!


I've seen loads of them, and it looks funny!

Glad you brought this up!

Izyan Darling said...

malicious mind,
it's so annoying, isn't it the way they drive? one day, when (and if) i drive a huge ass car, i shall drive with style. =)