Monday, May 26, 2008

weekend project part 7

There was this pizza recipe in saturday's nst so i thought of trying my hands at making one, or two. At first i thought of making the dough myself but it would be so much hassle and i wasn't really in a rajin mode so this came to the rescue.

The thing about pizzas is that the possibilities are endless so you can put anything and everything your heart desires and you can put as generously as you want. So i top some smoked beef pepperoni, button mushrooms and mozarella cheese on one crust while i top another with sliced smoked chicken, button mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, minced meat and mozarella cheese.



i didn't take a picture of the first pizza after it was cooked because it was a bit on the hangus garing side. the stupid recipe said to set the temperature at its highest, which is 250 degrees centigrade for 12-15 minutes. mana x hangus my pizza! as for the second pizza, i turned down the temperature a bit and it turned out just the way it should be except that it was a bit soggy because the oyster mushrooms produce water. hmmpphh.

note to self:
1. buy a proper pizza pan for future pizza-making sessions (as you can see, i used a dulang for the second pizza hahaha)
2. buy a pizza cutter
3. never put oyster mushrooms on pizzas. i thought i saw Jamie Oliver use oyster mushrooms on his pizza. or was it shitake mushroom?


msYuz said...

hi there izyan,
haha lama kan since i last drop by n said hi to you.btw,thanx for the teacher's day wish.v sweet of you!

should try making my own pizza soon - tah camana rupa dia agak eh huhu

Mommy Luqman said...

fuhhhh terrernya...masak pizza!

eh okay lah tuh guna ready made base. Easier what (speaking like a true malas person).

thot of trying to bake a sheprherd pie. can I get a tray of four cups anywhere? any other suggestion?

By the way sayang, I thot I saw jamie put shitake lerr... oyeter mushroom always in chinese cooking kan? Apa2 lah..nite nite

Anonymous said...

wah u boleh jual lah!! ;)
bcoz i will be the 1st person to buy ur pizza!! sgt sedap ok?

Izyan Darling said...

my pleausre. hope u had a great teacher's day celebration. tryla buat pizza. campak je sume benda atas tu, then bakar. easy peasy.

mommy luqman,
xdela terror mana pun. kalau buat dough sendiri, barula terror. ur looking for a tray of four cups? im not sure whether ada jual ke tak. shepherd's pie is the one yg ada mashed potato atas dia tu kan? i suggest u do it in a casserole or a pyrex dish. as for the mushroom, that's what i thought. jamie used shitake kan? haha.

u nak beli my pizza? but how am i gonna sell it to u if u remain anonymous? ;P

Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

yummy looks delicious..
rajin nye masak..
tahniah2 keep it up.. hehe..

Izyan Darling said...

takdela rajin mana pun hehe.