Monday, March 10, 2008

weekend project part 3

this time around, it's not a masak-masak project. but it was a project to get my car fixed. i told dad about my horn problem and he told me to go and survey at other shops. "bukan ada satu je kedai kereta kat sana kan? check a few shops and compare the price." right. bila bagitau, dia suruh buat sendiri. kalau tak bagitau, he'll go "kenapa tak bagitau dulu? pandai2 je buat blablabla." dads. he wants you to tell him so that he'll feel 'looked-up to' yet at the same time he wants you to be independent and do it by yourself. anyway, i dragged lil bro (he's been using my car anyway so it's fair that he come along) and went to several shops but only one shop has the button thingamajig. after the guy checked it, he told me that it's gonna take about 1/2 hour to order the thingamajig. told him that i'd come back later and sent my car to another shop for servicing. after a bowl of cendol each and a plate of rojak later, my car is done and off i went to the shop to get my horn fixed, only to be told that the thingamajig hasn't arrived yet. at that time, my boiling points is slowly but surely rising. i asked, 'berapa lama? tadi kata setengah jam. ini sudah lebih satu jam, xsampai lagi ke?' the guy replied, 'kejap aaa kak, sikit jam lagi.' ten minutes later, it still hasn't arrived. my boiling points have raised another notch. 'on the way la kak.' i said to him, 'dari tadi on the way. on the way dari mana? kalau dari johor pun on the way jugak kan?' i told him that i'd come back later and the thingamajig better be there when i come back and went to a nearby 1.99 shop. after a while we returned to the mechanic and finally, the thingamajig is there. the guy installed it for me and charged me a whopping 80 bux. that is, after i bargained. initially he charged me 85 bux. i told him, 'xkanla mahal sangat. bukannya button mini cooper ke, BMW ke,' and he laughed at me. hmphh.
so now, i have a horn yeay! but then again, some people are either deaf or ignorant when horned at, so the finger is still very much in use.
oh, in case you're wondering what car i'm driving, it's a *CLK. no kidding.

*Cute Little Kancil-a new name I got for my car, courtesy of Azim a.k.a Mr. Pele Pele.

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