Monday, March 10, 2008

finger pointing

so the 12th General Election is over. the opposition won in my area. gaaaaaahhhh! does this mean that i'm gonna have to stay at home? does this mean that i can no longer wear short skirts and revealing tight tops? does this mean that i'm gonna have to cover my head? i hope not. gosh. now i regret for not 'exercising my right to vote'. as much as i hate to point fingers, i blame the relevant organization for not reminding young people like me to register. they know that there will be a General Election this year, so why didn't they advertise it on TV or radio to remind us youngsters to register ourselves? how hard is it to put up a 1-minute ad on TV or radio and say:


or was there an ad somewhere that i've missed? i may sound ignorant but to be honest, i didn't even know where the hell to register in the first place. am i to blame? no point talking now though. am just gonna wait another 5 freakin' years. let's just hope that the opposition menunaikan janji-janji manis mereka. for a start, reduce the fuel price ASAP!!


farahlily said...

dahling, im also scared about the country's future at the moment. im supposed to vote in kl tapi sbb ada change of things, i tak mengundi. dah jadi camni. shhave changed my voting place earlier. hampehs.

im even more scared than before. but somehow or rather, i found my mom's last advice to me last now quite useful:

"dont worry too much you ended up becoming way too sick. don't overly think over things of which you do not have direct control. focus more on your work, as that job pays your bills. take pride on that. and live your life and be yourself. no matter what those ppl try to change you, it wont matter as long you're still you."

and i pun kurangla sikit nangis and sedeh. still ada ckit sedey but heck, the show must go on.

maybe i pun kena start jadi politician jugak la camni, hahahahhaha....

msYuz said...

hellu adik!
secara ironiknya - area umah akak je satu2nya kubu BN di KL skrg ni.lagi2 bila pandang umah dato' zulhasnan atas bukit tu dgn bendera dacing yg lagi besar dari umah banglo dia tuuuuuu...huhu,macam the last mohican dah!

yg lg best,akak pegi keja di kawasan PAS.dulu masa belajar kt kelantan semua org freak out macam nak masuk alien territory je.nah,skrg keluar area setiawangsa nk pegi keja je da lalu kawasan PKR kt keramat nu,then skolah kt titiwangsa da jd PAS punye.heck,shopping kt area DAP - jusco wangsa maju!

my 2nd time voting,definitely the most dramatic one so far.better p daftar for next voting season dik.bila ada kecoh2 camni rasa best je,sbb we did our part n somehow contributed to the drama~!

-maia- said...

Why do you people have to worry? Sometimes change is good. Berhijrah.
The opposition cant do anything about the fuel price because they are not the government. their power are only within the state area. The least they can do isto voice up in the parliament.
I think, Malaysians tak sokong pembangkang i.e. PAS DAP PKR, tapi the election result in a way nak tunjuk gov their protest. Tu jer... Teach them a lesson. I think the gov mcm dah selesa sangat dgn kedudukan diorang skrg. so, kita cuma gertak diorang jer. hehe... and who knows under the new MB, Selangor will be in better condition? or under the new MP, KL will be much better.. and we are not solely under PAS. KL seats are majority won by DAP. sO there is no such thing as u cant wear this, u cant wear that and whatnots. Dont be shallow okay peeps.

Izyan Darling said...

kak farah,
nice piece of advise u got there. =) will definitely remember.

kak fairuz,
ye, saya akan segera mendaftar untuk masa akan datang. =)

i agree that changes are good but let's just hope that it's for the better. since i didn't vote, i'm not gonna say much but i sure can't wait to see what changes the opposition's gonna bring to our country. =)

Cik AnGaH said...

cpt daftar ngundi..
undi anda amat berharga!
let's see what changes 'they' will make...*sigh*

Izyan Darling said...

angah, masalahnya di mana nak daftar? ko rasa kalau aku daftar sekarang, org2 kat SPR tu x gelakkan aku ke sebab dorg mesti pk yg aku ni ketinggalan zaman. election dah habis baru terhegeh-hegeh nak mengundi. ahaks~