Monday, March 03, 2008

pon!! pon!!

I don't know what I’ve done wrong or who I have sinned but it seems like some of my things are acting up on me. First, I have ms. cranky lappy who will come alive as and when she feels like it. Second, my hand phone is starting to 'hang' or go completely blank. I think my hand phone is now merajuk with me because I am in the midst of surveying for a new hand phone. It’s not like I’m gonna totally replace it anyway. I’m just getting it a new companion. Thirdly my car horn refuses to make that cute but annoying sound. In case you didn’t know, this car of mine has a mind of its own. tak padan dengan kecik! Actually I’ve been having problems with my horn for quite some time now and I’ve made several trips to the mechanics to see what was wrong. They checked and meddled and screwed and tested and it went ok. For a while that is. Then it started to act up again. Sometimes bunyi, sometimes tak bunyi and sometimes it depends on which side/angle that you press, and then only it'll make that sound thus the reason why I curse a lot on the road. *sigh* the last time I checked with the mechanic, he said that the buttons are faulty so I have to change the buttons, which will cost about RM100. Another alternative is to change the steering wheel, which costs about the same, unless if I choose some sportier, rempit-look steering wheel, which of course, would cost more. But the mechanic said, "kak you kalau tukar ini button pun aaa, tada jamin tau dia ok. kalau tukar steering wheel, lagi bagus la. lagi itu horn punya button di tengah. So susah la mau rosak." Right. I batted my eyelashes and gave him one of my cutest smiles asked him to give me a cheaper price considering that I’m a loyal customer, selalu datang yada yada yada but he won’t budge. Ok, so it did not work this time. Hahaha. But I think the reason why he wants me to change the steering wheel is because he wants to help his friend's business, who is the owner of the shop selling the steering wheels next door. Hmph. I told him, "takde steering wheel yang simple2 ke? Yang macam perempuan punya? itu semua macam rempit la! tak original dah. kereta I kereta perempuan tau." Then his friend chipped in, "pakai kecik sikitla, lagi sedap bawak. ok apa, matching la u ambil kaler hitam. match sama you punya air-cond." euwwww. Seriously, my car would scream Rempit with a capital R if I change the steering wheel. In the end, I told the mechanic, “Takpelah, nanti I fikir dulu mau tukar steering wheel atau itu button saja.” So he screwed whatever he unscrewed and off I went, still with no horn.

Now I regret for not buying a bumper sticker I found in London saying:


Sis, can you get it for me instead? Thank-you~


~Sis~ said...

hahahahahahahahahahaha funny la u babester! but a bit on the "awwwww" side. hehehe. anyway, ok, i might get that sticker for you if i decide to go down to london this weekend. but then again, in your case, even if the horn is working, KL drivers, please watch for finger!

Izyan Darling said...

tak awwww okeh! sangat bengang. useless my trip to Ah Seng. now am in a dilemma whether to change just the buttons or the whole damn thing. and of course when you have no horn, there will be incidences which require you to horn. in my case, i just have to resort to using my finger and mouth. hahahahah.

Anonymous said...

err...hi there!
i juz hopped in ur blog n saw the delicious looking choc cake that u made.mind posting the ingredients?with the method of coz...hehe.please please please!!!*i pun tgh batt my not-so-lebat eyelashes*hehe.

Izyan Darling said...

hello there anonymous. thanks for dropping by. why don't you give me your email address and i shall email it to you.

david santos said...

Hello, iZYAN!


Izyan Darling said...

hello david santos. thank you for dropping by. you have a good day too!