Sunday, February 24, 2008

plus, minus

what i am about to tell you might come as a surprise so brave yourself for the shock of your life. ok, i'm exaggerating a bit but you might not believe it when i say that i played futsal! yes, i did and it was my first time at kicking the ball and damn it felt good. i know futsal has been here for ages but last Friday was actually the first time ever that i played. well, i have to start somewhere, right? so when a dear friend of mine, Diyana asked me if i wanted to join her and her officemates for a game, i thought, why not? besides, i really need the workout anyway. so off we went to a God forsaken place in Bukit Jalil because that's the only court that is available. it was a long drive because traffic was f***ed up on Friday evening but it didn't really bother me since i was so mangat2 to play. in case you felt a tremor on Friday, that was probably me running up and down the court. hahaha. correct me if i'm wrong but they call it court, don't they? i can't remember when was the last time i had a good workout sweat like an oink oink but i think the reason why i pancit (besides lack of or no stamina) is because most of the time we were screaming and giggling. you know lah girls, takut kena bola la, takut jatuh la. we didn't really play by the rules but it was fun and i get to meet a bunch of new people. all in all i think i managed to burn a few hundred calories.
but when i got home, i ate rice with rendang ayam boohoooooo~ so happen the maid cooked rendang ayam for dinner and i couldn't resist. and then i also had this, courtesy of Diyana.

today, i made this for tea since a few relatives are coming over.

so i've lost a few hundred calories but added a few thousands more. pfft.

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