Tuesday, February 19, 2008

pictures-part 2

The lappy is at it again. It was ok for a couple of days, and then went kaput again yesterday. Pathetic. Anyway another slide show has been created. Right. As if you wanna see my pictures anyway. However, I’d like to warn you that most, if not all of the pics are pictures of me, thank you very much. The reasons being:

  1. I think I looked cute lalala. Perasan, you say? Who cares? It’s My CrAp ShEEt! Besides, I know some people someone who thinks I’m cute. *blush* ok you can barf now.
  2. I may need the green light from my siblings to put their pics because knowing them, especially lil’ bro, he may not approve certain pics as he may not look handsome or macho or he may senyum x macho or his muka berkilat etc.

Ok picture time!

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