Thursday, February 21, 2008

meet ms.cranky

the lappy is ok (for now). it seems that everytime i blog, i'd mention about my lappy. how pathetic. i asked my supposedly IT lil bro and he knew nuts about it. and apparently none of his friends knew about it. i texted him saying, "takkan sekor sorang pun tak tau? ni lah dia bakal graduan IT. hampeh!" hmphh. so i asked big bro, who also took IT and he said that buying laptops is all about luck. "ikut nasib la kalau so happen dapat barang x baik." duhhh. hello. i don't pay thousands for a lappy and hope that Lady Luck smiles at me and says that mine's a barang baik! ok, dad paid for it actually. but the point here is, how is this even possible when the lappy is only 1 year plus. of course it decided to get all cranky after the warranty has expired.
so i went to Low Yat today to survey the price to repair a what i call a cranky lappy (because of how it's reacting). however i didn't bring my lappy along since i went straight after office. i asked one shop and the guy told me it would cost me around 500-750 freakin' bucks. gaaaahhhh! and then i went to another shop and the guy told me it will cost me about 1 freakin' thousand bucks or more. double gaaaahhhhh! i seriously think they were trying to cheat me. then i went to a third shop and the guy was surprisingly kind enough to tell me to try to go to Acer Service Center in Berjaya Times Square. off i went and there was this promotion thingy going on downstairs in the concourse area and there was an Acer booth. i told boyfy that we should try and ask the people there first, just in case. unfortunately they're not sure about it and told me to bring my lappy. i asked them if the Service Center is still open but he said that if he's not mistaken, it only opens during office hours. s***. i mean who the hell would go there during office hours, right? seriously. wouldn't it be easier if Service Centers open until 8 or 9pm at least? don't tell me that i have to take a freakin' day off just to get my lappy checked (and later be told to pay a thousand bucks to repair it?) i seriously think it defeats the purpose of having a Service Center in the first place. of course i didn't go to Berjaya Times Square. however, i will check the opening hours, just to be sure.
after much baby-talk, persuasion and pujuk2, my lappy miraculously come alive. i guess it's scared that i might send it for repair/servicing or something. i know it sounds ridiculously insane but it sure worked, didn't it?

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~Sis~ said...

go to acer sg wang la babe.