Tuesday, December 04, 2007

holiday plan(s)

now that i'm on holiday (yes people, i'm rubbing it in) *evil laugh* i am wondering, what to do oh what to do (besides eat and sleep of course). actually, i plan, repeat i plan to do some workout because i made a bet with a friend but at the rate i'm going, i will surely, definitely, lose the bet. damn. we didn't bet money though. just that the losing party (which is very likely to be me thankyouverymuch) will have to belanja the winning other party makan. and by makan, i'm not talking about mamak food or fast food. this is like real makan! come to think of it, it kinda defeats the purpose, don't you think? the thing is, we can only plan. or dream rather. i was thinking that maybe i could wake up early and go for a walk around the neighbourhood. but then what's a holiday like if i were to wake up early, right? hahaha. then i thought, maybe i could follow lil bro to the gym which he just enrolled a few days ago (it was a 1 month trial period btw). but then he said since it's a trial thingy, he is not allowed to bring any guest. then there's another option. the friend whom i made the bet with invited me to join him at his gym. unfortunately it's so far away from my house (OU je sebenarnya) and it's such a hassle to drive all the way there just to go to the gym. besides, i heard that Big Apple Donut has already opened in OU. and then there's Carl's Jr., tako tao at jj, sushi king you name it they have it oh the list is endless. my last other option is to go to our club in Melawati, K Club (previously known as Club Century Paradise). but there is a problem. i don't have the membership card to access the club. actually, we do have some exercise equipments here at our house but the temptation to slouch and slump on the sofa, in front of the tv while sipping a cup of iced coffee and munching on kuih and what not is too hard to resist.
so how the hell am i supposed to lose weight like this? to make matters worst, the only workout that i really enjoy doing is swimming. does anyone here have a pool behind their house or at their apartment/condo that i can tumpang swim? or does anyone wanna invite me to go for a swim at their club? *batting eyelashes*
btw look at what my officemates got for me. chocolates! the parker pens are from boyfy. so now i have a stockful of chocolates to last me this holiday weeehoooo~ but at the rate i'm gobbling eating them, i bet you it won't last long. two weeks tops. hehe.


~Sis~ said...

1.mana my kad???
2.sila berexercise ok.am living a healthy life here *ehem* i.e. cycling everyday (damn penat ok),makan roti je keje waktu lunch,fruits are like H20 2 me here,yogurts daily,fresh tomatoes,berries,salads etc."NRD" all d way,baby!
3.heard about some plans to go to somewhere2.jadi or x?

Izyan Darling said...

heheh. ur card ada. cuma x masuk pic je. heheh. whoaaa...healthy gila ur lifestyle! *salute* ye la, sana fruits, salads, berries etc are like pisang goreng over here what. easily available. hey, roti is carbs okeh! roti=rice. plans? go somewhere? who? what? go where? *evil laugh*

Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

y don't u try doing some aerobics.. huhu..
bli cd n ikut je.. nk beh carik yg ala2 menari gitu.. hehe..

Izyan Darling said...

len, i ada je cd2 sume ni. u name it i have it from salsa to yoga, kickboxing to dance pebenda tah. masalahnya, kemalasan mengatasi segalanya! boohoo...tapi kadang2 (a very2 rare occasion) i pasang mtv/v i menari2 gak tapi tgk lagu la. hehehe.