Thursday, December 06, 2007

it's a start

i can't believe myself either but today i actually went for a walk around the neighborhood! yes people you read right. and nope sis, you're not dreaming. *rolls eyes* the weather was perfect for a walk. it rained earlier and i almost abandon my plan but luckily the rain stopped at about 530ish. so i put on my dusty sports shoes and off i went. i was hoping that i could catch a glimpse of Yusry KRU in his new house and secretly wishing that he might pass by me in his car while i was walking. hehehe. but no luck i guess. it feels good to have a brisk walk around the neighborhood but there is only one problem. there are houses with dogs and it's either the dogs really hate me that they bark at me like mad dogs whenever i pass by them or they really adore me that they greeted me with their ever so loud barks, which scared me to death. just when you thought you wanted to relax your mind, suddenly you get the shock of your life! damn those dogs. actually i was mentally prepared because my neighborhood consist of people from all races and some of them have dogs. there was one time, i was cycling and a dog came running towards me because the gate was open. knowing me, instead of continue cycling, i stopped. simply because i was terpaku, terkujat and terkejut. since then, everytime i wanted to take a walk or cycle, i would think twice. see, it's not that i don't want to workout. circumstances doesn't allow me to. tomorrow i'm going to take a walk in the morning, provided that i wake up early, which is most unlikely. oh well, it's the thought that counts, right? oh but who knows, maybe, just maybe i will bump into Yusry tomorrow. *fingers crossed*

they are super cute when they are puppies and when they don't bark.


~Sis~ said...

hahahahahahahaha!!! hmm...yusry as a motivation eh? not bad, not bad. all d best, babe! show me the results! =P

Izyan Darling said...

ye la. dats a very good motivation, isnt it? *drool* but guess what? lately it has been raining in the morning. hehehe. so u know lah what i did. snuggle and curl up under my blankie of course! wakakaka~

ciPuding_7 said...

"wishing that he might pass by me in his car while i was walking"

berhenti berharap plis..

msYuz said...
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msYuz said...

woohooo...those 3 days of soaking,wet mornings...nk kuar pn malas,apatah lg joging...i switched on d laptop,plug in d headphone n dozed off again haha~~

ure really free all december ah?our dear blogfriend - len is engaged on d 23rd,let's?

it'll b a 2 in 1 occasion - i still owe u d box of choccies,unless u had them enough 2 further sabotage ur diet heheh!

Izyan Darling said...

cipuding, sesungguhnya aku x akan berhenti berharap ye. itu la antara motivasi dan penyuntik semangat aku. sekian terima kasih. silap2 dia ajak aku tour rumah dia, jgn jeles. ahaks. oh well, dreams are free. heheh.
msyuz, betul la, lately asik ujan je pagi2. memang bergelung lagi tarik selimut la jawabnya. hahaha..oh len is getting engaged on d 23rd? ala i cannot make it la. i'll be in jakarta/bandung by then. =D as for the choccies, saya sedia menerima dgn hati dan mulut yg terbuka. i can never have enough chocs!