Friday, November 30, 2007

it is official

yesterday, 29 November 2007, i was officially admitted to the Malaysian Bar. i am proud to say that i am now officially an advocate & solicitor of the High Court of Malaya. yesterday was one of the happiest and proudest moment in my life. i believe i have made my parents and my family proud. i am so happy beyond words. i have achieved my ambition to become a lawyer. i am very happy that my dearest, beloved father robed me, thus marking my admission to the Bar. i can see mum and dad's face beaming with pride and especially so when each of the representative from the AG's Chambers, Bar Council and KL Bar personally congratulated them. the admission judge also said that it is a very rare occasion to have a father, who is a judge himself, robing his daughter. as for me, i can't stop grinning smiling all the way. so now, i am officially a lawyer. dreams do come true after all. yesterday, i stood tall. i wish to extend my heartfelt gratitude and utmost appreciation to each and everyone of you who have been a part of my life, molding me into the person i am today. you know who you are.


msYuz said...

segak bergaya...know what,my parents wanted 2 me become a lawyer.primary school kan,isi borang cita2 then bubuhlaa - lawyer gitu.then they wanted me to be a diplomatic administrator.huhu...hebat sgt cita2 but sejarah was never my best subject!i always wanted 2 b a lecturer in the first place.oklaa halfway achieved - am a teacher.but dreams never end.3 years in service then i'll continue 4 Master in 2009.

anyways,u deserve it after all the hard work.kudos~~!!

p/s : where to send d box of choccies??for real ni...!! :)

Izyan Darling said...

kak fairuz, dreams do come true and i now believe there is nothing in this world that we can't achieve. everything is possible. i wish u all the best with ur Masters. fyi, my ambition was to be a vet but i sucked big time at maths and science heheh. ooohhh u wanna send me choccies? for real? *drool* i shall give u my address. or perhaps we could meet up for coffee. i'm free all december. *wink*

ciPuding_7 said...

aku pon dah dpt keje baru ni..
marilah kita sama2 mulakan hidup baru.. hehehe..

Len Bkn Nama Sebenar said...

belated congratulations!! ;)