Thursday, December 13, 2007

things so far

two weeks into December already? sheesh. what have i accomplished lately? lemme see...
  • i'm still the same ol' me-meaning not a pound lighter nor an inch smaller, eventhough i've been working out quite a lot with mum in Penang (but the makan was just as banyak thus explaining the non-effectiveness of the workout). we went to the youth park on Monday and Wednesday morning, did our poco-poco dance on Tuesday evening, worked my abs on the ab thingy which left me to an achy abs thanks to lil bro who forced me to do numerous sets of sit-ups at one go.
  • i've been sleeping really late at night resulting to waking up really late in the day (no need to state the exact time lah)
  • trimmed and dyed my hair to a reddish tone. new year=new hair colour. konon2 new spirits.
  • surprisingly, chocs ada lagi. but so sikit! stock running dangerously low. need...more...chocs...asap...
things to do:
  • go to PD this weekend for the National Legal Aid Conference (tentatively)
  • pack sis's stuffs
  • go to the money changer to exchange RM to Rupiah
  • shopping and gallivanting in Jakarta & Bandung
  • buy Rinie & Najmie's wedding present
  • was thinking of donating some old clothes to the flood victims. anyone knows where i can send them to?
thing i should do:
  • kemas my ever so untidy and messy room
  • kemas my wardrobe-eliminate the unnecessary
  • file my fair order
  • pack my bag for the PD trip. what to wear oh what to wear...there will be lawyers from all over the country so i need to look the part also, no? heh~
  • pack my bag for the Jakarta & Bandung trip. was thinking of buying some tops and skirts and a cute comfy shoes to be worn there but since i'm going there, it's gonna be way cheaper, right? should i or should i not?


msYuz said...

wahhhh holiday2!

the track thingie?tryout this site :-,lenn introduced me to it...hey ~ you never know who's reading!i bet urs is a lot famous than mine,anyhoo,try it out u'll amuse urself trust me!

ok2 i still keep my word,let's hangout for a cuppa?name the place =)

Izyan Darling said...

weehoooo thank u thank u. will definitely try it out, especially now that i have a lot of free time. hehe.'s still on? *blush* can i hv ur no? senang nk contact and set the time & place. =)