Monday, November 19, 2007

Bleugh! part 9

  • I strive and try to be a good and berhemah driver on the road. But there are certain things that just piss the hell out of me, among others, people who just don’t appreciate when you let them cross the road. For example, I slowed down my car in order to let them cross. Sometimes I even stopped my car and give them ‘signal’ to cross. Bila orang dah bagi lintas tu, by all means, lintas la cepat! Ini tak, terhegeh-hegeh, terkedek-kedek lintas jalan OMG sometimes I feel like stepping on my accelerator and run over them! Seriously. If people stopped their car and let me cross, I would cross as fast as I could to the extent that I sometimes berlari-lari anak, with or without high-heels. I don’t need you to put up your hand to show your appreciation. All I am asking for is for you to cross quickly! For the ladies, tak payah nak control cun, control ayu in front of me for haven’s sake I’m not a guy! And for the guys, don’t act all macho and cool and try to walk at your own pace!
  • I went for a wedding in Dewan Perdana Felda yesterday and among the guests were families with kids, big and small. While the upacara merenjis was taking place, there were screams and wails of kids. Can you imagine how annoying it is? And then there were kids running around inside the hall playing with the bunga maggar etc. merosakkan majlis ok! Can’t really blame the kids can we? It all comes down to the parents. So maybe, just maybe when and if I have my wedding reception in the grand hall, or any other hall for that matter, I shall state on the invitation card NO KIDS ALLOWED. What do you think? Harsh, I know but unless and until the parents make their kids behave, they will not be allowed in. Note to self: make sure in the future own kids behave.

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