Tuesday, September 04, 2007

it's called etiquette, mind you

there is a thing called etiquette, isn't it? there's office etiquette for example. forgive me if I'm wrong but i believe even the most charok hand phones in the world have a silent mode or a profile which you can set. so when and if you're in the office, can't you have the courtesy to at least turn down your hand phone volume. i don't care if your ring tone is Akon's Smack That or Mawi's Kian. or even some classical song. i just don't get it why some people just couldn't be bothered. and then when the phone rings, it takes them ages, if not forever to pick the bloody phone up. don't you recognize your own bloody ring tone in the first place? gosh. there's also phone etiquette. if i were talking on the phone, i would never want other people to listen and to know what i am talking about. i hate when people talk ever so loudly on the telephone, they might as well use a hailer or a microphone and make a public announcement about it. be it in the lrt, shopping malls, restaurants, and especially in a small, cramped the office. you see, some people have work to do and some of which requires us to read cases which are bloody long and confusing, read agreements which words are repetitive when in fact they can make a simple sentence out of it and also statutes that require one to read over and over again in order to finally grasp the gist of it. some people just don't get it, do they?
since we are on the topic of 'etiquette', i will be sitting for my ethics exam this Thursday. there will be a lecture tomorrow. i have got my bundle of notes (by bundle, i mean a lot, thick like a telephone directory. okay, slightly smaller than a telephone directory) which i have not even read yet. not a single topic. not a single chapter. thank God it is an open book exam but what puzzles me the most is the fact that about 80% people failed the exam in the last two batches. yes, 80%. this is a scary figure. now i am feeling the heat. i hate exams. just when you think you're done with exams because you're no longer in uni, you're wrong. damn. i better start highlighting reading my notes pronto! so if i fail the exam, *touchwood* does that make me unethical?


farah said...

i get really annoyed if ppl hempas2 the bloody phone. kesian telefon tu tak bersalahpun tau :(

good luck for your ethics :p


msYuz said...

herbalife?my advice,dear..checkout whether ure suitable 4 a protein diet esp soy based,it works 4 me bt not my sis!

Izyan Darling said...

how to check if im suitable or not? it worked for u? bape lama dah amik? wat abt ur sis? didnt work, how?