Friday, September 14, 2007

attn: Mr. Sandman

Dear Mr. Sandman,

i'm sure you very well know that it is the holy month of Ramadhan now. today is only the second day of Ramadhan. and i am truly blessed to be able to fast this Ramadhan. fyi, my working hours have changed from 9am-6pn to 845am-445pm. i have some questions for you though. why does the time tick ever so slowly now? during normal days, the lunch hour break, which is 1-2pm pass by ever so quickly. i don't even sempat to check my emails, read online newspapers read blogs, update friendster, check other people's friendster etc. no, i do not have a lunch break this month (all the more reason for you to consider) but why does it take forever from one hour to the next?

Mr. Sandman,

can you do me a favor and make the time pass by faster? i would really appreciate it if you could. ok, i know i may be too demanding but i cannot help it. most people's working hours have changed so by the time i go out of the office, the traffic will be just as bad, if not worst. if everybody goes out at the same time, what difference does it make, right? traffic will be congested. my boss told me during Ramadhan last year it took him 2 1/2 hours just to reach his home in Kelana Jaya. i told him, might as well go to Ipoh. hahaha. ok that's besides the point. so please consider. i do not want to lose my pahalas on the road. hey, it's only the second day! i have about 20 days (duh!) more to go. pleasee..... *batting eyelashes*

your cooperation is highly appreciated.

thank you.


souled_oUt said...

hehe.. this is one funny entry lar izyan..

my office hour during ramadhan is 8-5.. luckily we still have 1-2 for break. tapi seriously mmg rasa lama sangat nak pukul 5.. haih..

souled_oUt said...

btw.. im finaz.. lupa pulak.. =)

Izyan Darling said...

i thought it was just me who feels like it takes forever for the clock to tick. haih..apatah lagi bulan posa ni. but at least u still have ur lunch break. at least bole tido. i xde break. nak tdo xbole la sbb d bosses will surely be in. haihhh...