Monday, September 10, 2007


my sister got engaged with her boyfy on 1st September 2007. it was a simple yet elegant and nice affair. the theme was green while the theme for the guy's side was blue. it was really nice to see people wearing green and blue. the event started the day before where we had a makan-makan among us relatives on 31st August 2007. i even took a day off on Thursday to accompany mummy to go groceries shopping. on 31st August, i slaved myself in the kitchen creating and baking my masterpieces, namely a moist chocolate cake, carrot cake and also butter cupcakes. since i don't have dainty hands, patience and creativity to design the tiny cupcakes individually, i used the leftover from the chocolate topping for the chocolate cake on the cupcakes. then i sprinkled some colourful sprinkles on it and voila~ as for the carrot cake, i added a little bit of green colouring to the cream cheese topping. i put 3 green flowers each on the cakes. i must say that my creations was quite a hit *ehem* on that day. i have aunties asking for the recipe for my carrot cake and one auntie asked if i had a boyfriend or not coz apparently she wants to hook me up with her son because i can bake cakes? *gasp+blush*
my dearest friends iza, cik mim, sara, diyana and ezrina (and her two cute little sisters) came and helped me carry the dulang hantaran (which sis & i made ourselves thankyouverymuch) and also helped me to give out the goodie bags to the guests. i owe them so much. thank you ladies. i would have been tak menang tangan if it weren't for you ladies. big bro's gf also helped out. thanks kak suria! i had my maid make my updo that day as it will be too hot to let my hair down. the rombongan arrived at about 11-ish and after the discussions, berbalas pantun and what not, i had to lead sis out of her room to the pelamin for the sarung-cincin ceremony. alhamdulillah it all went well. my sis is officially engaged to her boyfy. sorry guys, eat your hearts out. =D i've made a slideshow because there are just too many pretty pictures so i just had to put them all. sis had prettypeektures as the photographer. the 'professional' pics will be uploaded soon, i hope. it might take a while for the slide to completely download, depends on your internet connection. enjoy!


msYuz said...

wahhhhh beautiful ceremony!!
u dok citer pasal kek segala,sedap sgt bunyinya..must try lah~~~ :p

u bile pulak???


Izyan Darling said...

heheheh...wanna try my masterpiece? =) raya nanti datang umah eh. i bake for u. or if u want to try awal , u can always tempah d cake from me. hehehe.

farahlily said...

hi izyan!!! you guys look absolutely lovely dalam itu gambars :) what a beautiful engagement! and love the sweet treats! you should publish ur recipes plak pasnih, sure best nyer kankankan :P

farahlily :p

Izyan Darling said...

thanks kak farah. =) publish my recipes? if i do, it will no longer be exclusive la. hehe...