Thursday, September 13, 2007

it is here again

Ramadhan is here again, alhamdulillah. let us all take heed in the wonders of Ramadhan and be a better person as a whole. may all of us be blessed in this holy month and let us all pray that this Ramadhan would not be our last.
as of today, 1st Ramadhan, my official working hours is 845am-445pm. *yippee* with no lunch break, of course. so whoever wants to berbuka puasa with me invite me for a berbuka puasa, i would really appreciate it if you guys could do it in advance or else i'll go straight back home. =P selamat berpuasa y'all! i hope i won't lose most, if not all of my pahalas on the road. God bless us all. amin.

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