Monday, December 16, 2013

weekend project part 35

I present to you my butter cake with strawberry jam swirl which I made over the weekend. I was excited to try out the heart shape silicon mould I bought at IKEA. It was only RM25 and the size is perfect. While Babycakes and hubby were napping on Saturday afternoon, I baked this cake.

 I used the recipe from the Victoria Sponge Cake which I learned earlier, which was basically a spongy, fluffy butter cake. I don't have enough butter to make the cream so I decided to finish up the strawberry jam in my fridge and swirled it inside the batter just before I bake. I wanted to finish the jam which was already at the bottom of the bottle because I can't wait to open my new Bonne Maman raspberry jam I bought at the Food Bazaar at Publika. When using a silicon mould, especially ones with nooks and cranny, you must make sure the mould is greased evenly to ensure easy cake release.

The mould has some dots on it and when the cake is baked, I turned it over and it came out perfect. Clearly I did not swirl the jam properly, thus the random spots on the cake. The cake was delicious, fluffy and moist and when Babycakes and hubby woke up, I presented it to them and we sang a Happy Birthday song for my hubby, minus the candles. His birthday was actually on 9 December and I didn't bake a cake for him because we went out to dinner so this was my birthday cake for him, made with love. :)

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