Tuesday, December 24, 2013

DIY No Sew Felt Bow Ties

My nephew Armaan (big bro's son) turned 1 year old on 18 December 2013 and they had his birthday party on 22 December 2013. The theme for the party is Little Man. Sil contacted me and asked me where to find bow ties other than Daiso. Daiso is selling at RM5 per piece and she needs at least 30 pieces or more. I then told her I will sponsor the bow ties, whether I make them myself or purchase them. I then started to search online and found numerous sites on tutorials for bow ties. It got me excited because they looked so easy and it is something I can definitely do. There are two versions to make the bow ties, either to sew them or the no sew ones. I opted for the latter because hello, I ain't gonna sew!
I head over to Daiso and instead of buying handkerchiefs which are light, soft and thin, I found felt material and I thought it would be perfect. A packet consists of 5 pieces felt in different colours so I bought 2 packets. I do not have a glue gun so I bought a white glue, RM2.50 from Times Bookstore. I also bought a pair of scissors from Daiso. 
I started working on making the first bow ties. One piece of felt can yield 1 large and 2 small bow ties. 

I then started mixing the colours and made two-toned bow ties. Some are big and some are small. It really depends on how big or small you want your bow ties to be. I did not follow any measurements in the tutorials. I just used the directions as a basis. The first batch I made 19 pieces of bow ties.

I made a second trip to Daiso and bought two more packets of felt and a box of safety pins (40 pieces per box). This is the second batch of the bow ties. In total I managed to make 42 pieces colourful felt bow ties.

 I simply looped the safety pin at the back of the bow tie.

 The bow ties on the table at the party. Each guest can pick one and attach it to their top. It was so nice to see people wearing my handmade crafts. :)

I was going matchy matchy with Babycakes with our black tutu. Babycakes was wearing a white butterfly sleeved top with black lace and black polka dots while I wore an off white top with black hearts print. When I asked Babycakes to pick one bow tie, she picked a bright pink bow tie so I picked one myself too, but mine has two colours, red and bright pink.

Babycakes having fun with the props at the photo booth. She was so sporting and had so much fun taking pictures. :)

Some links for the tutorial, in case you're too lazy to google yourself.


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