Monday, December 23, 2013

Review: Trendz Salon, Hilton PJ

I bought a deal from Groupon for a hair treatment package for RM45. I took leave on Friday just to have some me-time and I made an appointment at 11am. If you are buying or plan to buy a package like this, I would advise you to call the place beforehand and ask if the schedule time you intend to go is available. I called in to check if they are available on 21 December 2013 at 11 am. After I received the confirmation, then only I proceed to buy the Groupon. No point in buying the voucher only to find out the intended slot is already filled in. There are two options in package A, namely the hair protein package and the scalp treatment package.

The salon is located at Trendz Salon, Hilton PJ. Parking is RM5 for the first hour and RM5 for subsequent hours but maximum rate per day is RM15 so no matter how long you spend at the salon, it will still be RM15. A bit on the expensive side but then again it is a hotel. The salon is spacious and they also have a section for spa treatments.

I was contemplating between doing a hair protein treatment or scalp treatment. My hair is dry and damaged and it could really use some hair protein treatment but at the same time, my scalp is also itchy and very sensitive. In the end, I opted for the scalp treatment. This was before the treatment started and before I bid goodbye to my long hair.

The treatment started by applying some sort of liquid onto my scalp for 5 minutes to clean the scalp and rid of any flakes and build up. After that, off to hair wash and an application of another ointment all over the scalp. The hairstylist, Michelle applied the ointment all over my scalp and massaged my head for a while. I wished she massaged my head a bit more longer though because it felt so good especially with the cooling and tingling sensation from the ointment. She then wrapped my head and steamed it for about 15minutes before washing. Of course at the same time she promoted the scalp treatment to me and suggested that I do the treatment more often to see the results. She asked me to purchase 3 treatments for RM900. 0__o However I will get another 3 sessions for 'free', which means RM900 for 6 sessions / RM150 per session, which is slightly cheaper than outside.

The good thing is, the package comes together with a cut, wash and blow. You know how sometimes salons 'trick' you by promoting a certain deal for XX price, but if you want to cut, wash and blow, you have to pay an additional sum? That is why you must know what you purchased/signed up for so as not to fall victim to such tricks. I decided to chop off a significant amount of my hair because my hair is just too hard to manage and my hair falls a lot. I decided to opt for shoulder length. Before Michelle blew my hair, she applied another tonic/serum on my scalp. It stings for a while then it cools down. In case you are wondering, I did not purchase the treatment as suggested simply because I don't want to fork out RM900 in one go. I've got better things to do with such amount of money. Besides, location-wise is not that strategic for me because it is all the way in PJ. There are a lot other salons nearby and I might just check them out.

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