Wednesday, August 08, 2012

CIMBclicks suck

Online banking/Internet banking is supposed to make one's life easier and hassle-free, yes? Shopping online is made so much easier with online banking. But how frustrating can it be when you have to call the bank customer service every.single.time when you are performing a transaction? It is very, very frustrating and not to mention, annoying as heck. 
This happened to me once last week and another one today itself. I wanted to perform a transaction via CIMBclicks for the purchase of some stuffs. I filled in the relevant details and when I clicked on the TAC, nothing happened. I waited and waited and had to make sure that my session did not expire. The small window would pop up every now and then reminding me of the session which is about to expire. I then called the customer service and of course I had to give out my details, atm card number yada3. They asked me to clear cache yada3 and the next day, I managed to perform the transaction.
And then today it happened again. The TAC was not delivered to my blackberry so after several waits I gave up and called the customer service, yet again. And it's like deja vu. I had to give my details yada3 that at one point I blurted to the representative "This is why I hate calling customer service! I had waste my time calling you and give you my details. Online banking is supposed to make lives easier. Every time I had to call and waste my time. Don't you think I have nothing better to do?" The representative asked me if I changed telco. trust me, the questions she asked me were the exact same questions I was asked last week. It is annoying. Yeah yeah bersabar di bulan puasa and all. Don't give me that talk. I just can't tolerate this kind of nonsense. Of course the matter was not resolved. The representative even had the cheek to tell me to keep on trying. Right. Like I have nothing better to do than menghadap your website all day long and keep on trying. Great.


twayblade said...

i never like cimbclicks. tak user friendly langsung. i still, and will, vote for maybank2u. senang gila nak guna.

Izyan Darling said...

i akan guna cimbclicks kalau payee account pun ada cimb. so same day transfer. kalau tak, i guna rhb. duit2 dalam dua akaun ni. maybank2u not so much.