Tuesday, September 13, 2011

raya project part 2

one fine raya evening, i was bored and thought of making something. i raided the freezer and found a puff pastry which was bought a long time ago. checked the expiry date and it was still ok so i decided to make something out of it.

puff pastry

i read the pastry's instructions and it said to put in any fillings that you want, which includes chocolate chips. so i raided the kitchen cabinet and found chocolate chips and almond nibs which was supposed to be made into chocolate chip cookies.

i mixed the two ingredients in a bowl.

then i stuffed them into a puff pastry and folded them into such a shape.

i am sure you noticed that they are not of the same size. this is because i simply did it. i baked them in a preheated oven until they are golden brown.

there was some leftover chocolate icing in the fridge so i melted them and poured them onto the pastry. i also dusted some icing sugar on them.

as for the rest of the puff pastry, i decided to do something savoury so i boiled some sausages in the microwave and cut the pastry into halves, diagonally.

after the sausages are cooked, i cut them into half and rolled them into the puff pastry and arranged them on a tray. i then brushed them with egg.

bake until golden brown.

tea time snack. one is sweet, one is savoury. next time i want to try a different filling.

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