Thursday, June 16, 2011


i encountered rudeness at its best today. i wanted to buy some fresh cut fruits at MBG fresh fruits and there were two other persons buying as well so naturally there was sort of a line formed. i went to the back of the line. when the guy in front of me was purchasing his fruits, along came a woman and waited beside him, wanting to buy fruits as well. there was an auntie behind me and then joined by a few others, who naturally went in line. the woman simply cut the line and proceeded to buy her fruits. i can't help but said, 'excuse me, there's a line here. you should queue.' to which she rudely replied, 'i didn't see any line so there's nothing i can do.' WHAT THE EFF?? i said to her, 'you can't simply cut a line ok!' then she nonchalantly replied, 'there's nothing i can do,' without even a bit of guilt or sorry in her face or tone. i then said, 'whatever!' she then paid her fruits and left. i then turned to the auntie behind me who shook her head in disbelief and she said, 'so rude!' i said, 'yeah. who does she think she is?' the auntie then said 'she didn't even say sorry huh?'
i wish i have said more to that woman. why on earth didn't i scold her or at least give her a piece of my mind? this is so not me. what the hell happened to me? i wish that her fruits were really sour or at least busuk, just like her heart. she's lucky that i did not create a scene there. hmppphhh.


Susan said...

what a 'kiasu' woman!!!

Izyan Darling said...

itu bukan kiasu, itu dah biadab namanya. geram betul i! i should've asked her to queue but i did not. bila dia dah blah, baru i geram beriya2 sorang2. pfffft.