Monday, June 20, 2011

just saying...

  1. I hate the roads in Hartamas, Dutamas and Solaris area. The roads are an uneven mess with holes, patches, roadworks, constant digging and patching and the list goes on. I tried to evade as many holes as possible but at the same time I have to be aware of the traffic. I won't be surprised if one day my car engine just dropped in one of those nasty holes! (touch wood)
  2. Re: FB. Is it necessary to tag oneself on one's own photos? If i upload the photos, in my profile, in my album, why should I tag myself on my own pics, right? Just wondering...
  3. Motorbikes think that the traffic lights don't apply to them. So does the cyclists.
  4. Taxis and buses stop wherever, whenever they want. Especially taxis. I know driving a taxi is your source of income but do you mind being a bit more courteous on the road? Just because you see someone stopping you, doesn't mean you can stop without considering the other road users.
  5. Signals/car indicators are not necessary to most, if not all people. I think they see it as a mere accessory. Why bother using it, right? After all, it is 'your father's road'!
  6. I hate going to the Shah Alam Court Complex because parking is always a problem. The guard would stand at the gate and his hand would signal 'no parking' and would not allow us to go up the hill. At least let us go and check and if there are no parking, obviously we'll park elsewhere. Most of the time I would end up parking very far and I would lose my breath when i walk up the stairs. The next time I go to the Shah Alam Court, I am so gonna use the 'I am pregnant' excuse with the hope that he would allow me to go up. I know exercise is good at this point but imagine having to walk up the stairs with file(s) or your briefcase.
  7. I think that parking tokens should be banned. I prefer tickets anytime. They can always use recyclable papers to produce the tickets. Tokens are easily misplaced. Not that I've lost my parking token before (touch wood) but I just find that keeping a parking token is more difficult than a ticket.
  8. Buying a baby stroller is like buying a car. There are tons of brands and models in the market with different specifications and style and of course, varying prices. Practicality comes first but at the same time one needs to think about the price, function, durability etc.
  9. Why is it that the traffic lights in KL are always faulty/not working especially after a heavy downpour? This just goes to show how poor the maintenance/quality of the traffic lights are.
  10. I have ants issue at home. And here I thought that condos don't have ants. I was wrong. The ants are small and red in colour. At least they are odourless. What frustrates me most is that the ants always went into the water jug and the water kettle. What the eff? I would totally understand if they go to the biscuit tin or the sugar jar, which, btw, are tightly closed, but plain drinking water?? Both hubby & I have checked and made sure that no jars are not tightly closed, no packets of foods or whatever left untied, no food crumbs (duh, we are not kids) whatsoever but the ants keep coming back and we have no idea what exactly that they are into that they are driving us up the wall!
  11. Online shopping is addictive. Once you start, it is hard to stop. I buy stuffs and I would get it delivered to the office and I like it when I come in from Court, a parcel is already waiting for me. It feels like Christmas.
  12. I notice that people who have the foursquare app of the check-in app would only 'check-in' at 'cool' places like some bar or posh cafe. Never have I seen a check-in at some mamak restaurant or at Giant/Tesco/Carrefour and the like. Not even McDonald's. Well, at least not that I noticed anyway.
  13. Re: FB. I hate it when people tagged me on pictures of stuffs they sell. I know it is a way of promoting their goods but I just don't like it. I'm sorry.
  14. I hate contests where the results are determined based on how many 'likes' you have. I think it is unfair. I still prefer the old school way where a panel of judges will decide on the winner.
That is all that I feel like getting out of my chest. For now.


Coffee Girl said...

On the no.12, i wondered that too. they're just showoffs. if its not a cool place or its unheard of, u can bet nobody 'checks in' there for the whole world to see. lol.

nice site by the way. jumping from Arief's.

Anonymous said...

izyan, for num 7, put the token in the coins compartment of ur wallet.. confirm tak hilang..

Izyan Darling said...

hello coffee girl,
i know, right? some ppl even checked in when they're at home. i mean, do u want the world to know where u live? sheesh! thanks for dropping by. Arief is my lil bro btw.

hello anonymous,
yup, i memang ada coin purse. memang bubuh dalam tu tapi somehow i still prefer the tickets. lagi senang.

Coffee Girl said...

is it? that explains the gene tie. :-) writers run in the family. lol