Monday, May 30, 2011

trip to Melaka

I went to Melaka High Court last Thursday.

The trip to Melaka was not as adventurous as the previous trip to Muar simply because the Melaka Court Complex is situated along the main road from Ayer Keroh and it is easily located.

The drive was OK but I felt sleepy as I left the house at 615am. When I reached Melaka, it was raining. Luckily I reached the Court Complex early so I managed to park inside the Court compound. The parking is the senget type so less ‘work’ for me. My case was finished at almost 11 and since I only had a very light breakfast, I was hungry and decided to go and have something to eat. Dah alang2 berada di Melaka, haruslah ronda2 kejap kan? Opposite the Court is Melaka Mall.
There’s Parkson Grand and an ‘Extreme Warehouse Sale’ was going on so I just have to check it out. Unfortunately nothing fancies me. There are not much choice of food outlets either so I went to Jusco instead, which is located beside the Court.
I had brunch at the food court and then tershopping a bit at Jusco. The sale was on so what the heck, right? I eventually left Melaka at 2pm and on the way back, with a full tummy, I felt very sleepy to the point that I could barely open my eyes so I stopped by at the Seremban R&R and slept in the car.
At first I thought of taking a 15 minute nap but when the alarm went off, I snoozed it that I eventually slept for about 45 minutes. Within that 45 minute nap, I think I dreamt a few times. I dreamt that I almost crash into another car that I was awaken by the dream only to find my car nicely parked there. Pffft.
I then made my move at almost 4pm and eventually reached KL. However, instead of going home straight, I had to go to the office to collect a file due for Friday. Good thing that I took that nap. The saying ‘Biar lambat asalkan selamat’ definitely applies here.

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