Monday, May 16, 2011

a little get together

Last Saturday, Hubby and I had our first guests to our humble little abode. Our guests are none other than my really good friends. We were having a potluck cum gathering cum housewarming cum Iza's pre-wedding celebration of some sort. It was a small scale and simple celebration but most importantly, it was with the right company.

As the host & hostess, we cooked spaghetti bolognese and made ice lemon tea. Sara & bf Azwan brought roast beef and lamb chop, complete with mint sauce and black pepper sauce. simply delicious! they also brought a bucket of KFC.

Iza brought 2 dozens of Big Apple donuts. just look at those yummy donuts!!

Since we did not have enough plates, we decided to use paper plates and I just had to choose a fancy one. At least it's not the boring plain white ones, right?

Next in line, InsyaAllah. :)

Susan's husband could not join us so she came by herself.

Hubby enjoying the KFC. Boy was he super excited upon seeing the KFC that they brought.

Eating and gossiping!

Susan made this lovely carrot cupcakes with cream cheese topping especially for Iza. She even brought the candles.

Unfortunately Aimi could not join us due to some urgent family matters. If not, it would have been complete. :(

The celebrated couple. Iza's fiance only joined us later at night as he had to work earlier. What's important is that he made the effort to come and join us. Besides, we still have tonnes of foods left.

It was a simple yet intimate get together. Even though our house is not that complete yet (we haven't even framed our wedding pictures!) and we barely have enough plates to cater to every one, we surely enjoyed each other's company and the lovely foods that each of us brought. Hubby was also very sporting and accommodating that he even 'ran' to Ikea that very morning to get some stools and other stuffs so that my friends have a place to sit in and to make the house more like a home.

I shall now count to the days for my bestie to tie the knot and we will definitely have more get togethers in the future.


dip said...

im happy for you, all the best in your journey. Insya'Allah.

-Iza Dora- said...

Hey besty..

The small get together was very special la u said the company that matters....meeting u girls are the best...and i get to serve the invi card personally to each and everyone of u... thank u for the meaningful celebration with all the home cooked food...i find myself very2 comfortable at ur place..hehehe... thanks to u n mr..and not worry bout the 'kekosongan' rumah'll be filled real soon..hehehe..looking forward for more get together besty...hopefully, next time, u guys come down to jb plak...*hugs*

Izyan Darling said...

thank u so much Dip. InsyaAllah. :)

it was our pleasure to host the intimate get together specially for u. it feels great to become the host & hostess and you've no idea how excited we were. InsyaAllah there will be many more in the future. i am now looking forward to your wedding. tick...tock...tick...tock...