Monday, March 21, 2011

full of hot air

I was excited upon learning that this year's hot air balloon festival will be held at Putrajaya from 17-20 March 2011 that I told hubby about it and he was excited as well. So on Saturday, we went to Putrajaya in the evening and when we arrived there at about 5ish, it was raining. Since it rained, no balloons on air were in sight. We were disappointed. Plus, we got stuck in traffic jam for nothing. Since it's unlikely that we'll get a parking spot, we ended up going to Alamanda instead. Wrong move. Alamanda was packed with people that we got so rimas and left Alamanda.

Since we were unable to catch a glimpse of any balloon on Saturday, we went to Putrajaya yet again on Sunday morning. We reached there at about 10am and managed to find a parking spot. The weather was so hot but we were determined to go on a balloon ride, only to find out that the public balloon ride is only open from 8am-11am and 6pm-9pm. BUMMER! We were sweating like pigs but we went for a walk anyway. The atmosphere was like a mega carnival with lots of activities, booths and food stalls. We were disappointed yet again. Lucky for us hubby's sister is staying in Kajang and she's having a birthday celebration for her daughter that afternoon so we went to her house and managed to catch forty winks.

At about 5pm, we left her house and went to Putrajaya. Again. Hubby insisted on taking me for a balloon ride. Weather was fine yesterday evening and when we reached Putrajaya, we can see a few balloons up in the air. Boy we sure got all excited. We spent a good 1/2 hour or so trying to find a parking and after we did, we went straight to the balloon area only to find out that the tickets were already sold out. Tough luck, huh? There were a few balloons for public rides and that was it. Like, really? Where the hell are the Darth Vader balloon, Doraemon balloon, Kitty Cat balloon and the Tree balloon? To be honest, I expect to see more balloons. At least if I did not get the chance to ride on one, I wanna see some beautiful balloons up in the air but nope. *yawn* It was very disappointing I kid you not. I was not keen to take any pictures at all (thus no pictures) but Hubby did take a few.

We were not up for any extreme activities like zorbing, rock climbing, paintball and the like so we went on the Putrajaya river cruise instead. A 20 minute cruise ride around the Putrajaya Lake. At least we did something. *sigh* I don't think I'll ever go to the fiesta again next year. What a waste of time and energy.

But one thing I notice is that 9 out of 10 people carry a huge camera, hung on their neck. Apparently, every body wants to be a photographer.


TheFusionTea said...

One day wd like to try :)

~Sis~ said...

waddle waddle :P

Anonymous said...

oops! i was there on sunday stuck in a jam for nothing. saja pusing2 putrajaya after finishing my work... too bad i didn't get to see any balloons...