Friday, March 11, 2011

discounted dining

hubby & I are not picky when it comes to food. we love to eat and we eat everything. thank God for that, it makes life much more easier for me. ;) however, when it comes to dining out, we would have a hard time deciding on where to eat. if i ask him, "you nak makan apa?" 99% of his answer would be "I tak kisah. makan apa2 pun boleh. you?" other times, his reply would be "up to you." however, sometimes, when he has decided earlier that he wanted to eat something, he would say, "you nak makan lamb mandy/KFC/seafood kat SS2 kan? i tau!" and that's when i don't feel like eating whatever that he suggested. LOL.

I bet i am not the only one facing this dilemma. I bet you do too, be it with your partner, spouse or even family members. unless, of course someone or one of us has decided earlier what to eat. but then to be fair, we would always ask the other party(ies) what he/she/they want to eat, right?

anyway, since we were not picky eaters, we don't really have a favourite restaurant or eatery that we always frequent. we just go with the flow and eat what we feel like eating. but if the restaurant has a good offer or discount, of course we would go and check it out. who wouldn't wanna miss a good deal, right?

we've been to Tony Roma's a few times and the last time we went was in November 2010. we were not big fans of the ribs though. the good thing about TR is you hardly have to queue at TR as compared to Chilli's where you not only have to queue but wait for a good 15-20 minutes or so. anyway, during our visit to TR in November, on the receipt was written that there is an online survey. all you have to do is complete the survey and at the end of the survey, they will provide you with a 4 digit survey validation code which you have to write on your receipt. simply bring the receipt on your next visit to TR and you will get RM10 off your total receipt. it may be not much but RM10 off the receipt can be used for a nice cup of gelato ice-cream, no? or at least you can use it to pay for parking.

don't forget to write the validation code on the receipt and redeem it on your next visit.

recently we went to TR again and got our RM10 off. it's worth it!

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