Wednesday, December 22, 2010

yet another shoe story

i thought i have found the perfect white and pink shoes. not really. ok the white shoes, yes. the pink, not really. i found a nice pink shoes at a really good price at a shop named Elo in Subang Parade.

luck was on my side as they were on sale and hey, buy 2 shoes and get 1 shoes for free!! you gotta be kidding me. i just have to try the shoes. they have a few white shoes. i was lucky that they have my size.

there was a white peep toe shoes and i hoped that they have my size and they did. phew~

nothing fancy but it's pretty, yes? should i or should i not add some blingbling or perhaps a flower corsage?

then i saw a pink shoes. and yes, they have it in my size too!

i just have to buy them. however, the shade of pink is not exactly the shade of pink that i wanted. *sigh* when i tried the shoes on with my dress, it's contrasting but somehow it doesn't really match. pfffft. i may need to find another pink shoes.

this is what i chose for the third pair. somehow i'm reminded of Katy Perry when i look at this shoes. perhaps due to the crazy colour combination. funky, ey?

i walked out of the shop happy. i bought three pairs of shoes at one go. i am not a shoeholic nor am i a shopaholic but i'd be stupid crazy to not buy the shoes. if you are wondering the prices of the shoes, they are dirt cheap and i am not kidding. they are on sale, the prices have been slashed by 50%. believe it or not, i bought all three pairs at only RM108. if that is not worth it, i don't know what is.

i only paid for RM59+RM49. the other RM49 is free.


ok now i'm back on the hunt for another shade of pink. i regretted not buying Charles & Keith's ("C&K") pink shoes (and clutch) when they had the promotion in conjunction with the breast cancer awareness (if you've been to C&K sometime in Nov-mid Dec, you may have noticed it). the promotion is priced at RM199 for a gorgeous soft pink shoes with a matching clutch or small purse. *knocked on head for not buying it earlier* i went to C&K Empire and the promotion has already ended. they have the last pair i.e the display pair and it's already stained. the shoes now costs RM59.90. i asked the salesgirl to check at other C&K outlets and C&K at Fahrenheit, Bukit Bintang has one, in my size. but of course, it is the last pair and it's slightly dirty. tsk.

damn it. oh dear pink shoes, where for art thou? grrrrr...who would have thought finding a freaking pair of shoes could be THIS difficult???


Skinny Yash said...

hahahah! Babe!!! i beli my wedding shoes kat Elo!!! murah dan sangat cantik!! me likeyyy!

Izyan Darling said...

murah kan?? memang berbaloi! tapi masalahnya, shade pink yang i nak takde! how la?? gila ah cari kasut sampai stress!

Skinny Yash said...

yes! exactly mcm i! my time, i cari ala2 fuschia color..but susah nye la haiii..smpai desperate gile nk beli GUess shoes RM800++ just for the sake of fuschia! At last my friend bawak i gi Elo kat Bangsar. Then i found my shoes. cost me RM60 je! :)

my husband time tu dah xlarat nak teman i or asking anthing bout shoes..perempuan kan..benda yang xde la..sibuk nak cari! hehehe

Izyan Darling said...

kat Bangsar ada Elo gak? kat mana? masalahnya, bila kita nak kaler tu, kaler tu la yang paling takde, paling tak wujud, paling impossible to get! cuba bila xnak kaler tu, bersepah2 dok display. geram ok. cari kasut bagai nak rak. walhal pakainya bape jam je. tsk.
macam i hampir nak beli kasut nine west kaler purple untuk engagement i harga RM300+. nasib baik waras lagi boleh pikir & tak ikut nafsu serakah. last2 jumpa kat ampang park, less than RM100. pakainya 2-3 jam je. now kasut tu elok duk dalam kasut. :|

Izyan Darling said...

*dalam kotak

Skinny Yash said...

Last 2years i pegi Elo tu kat Bangsar, ala..same line with Pelita tu..xtau la still ade ke x..But true..klw ikut stress kite ni, nak beli je yg ratus2 tu, tp sbb pikir setakat nak pakai few hours je kan..buat apa nak membazir..byk lg bende lain nk pakai duit..lg2 bab wedding ni! duit keluar mcm air!

and till now, i still can wear my wedding shoes ke wedding2 org merugikan..sbb my shoes simple je.. :P

Izyan Darling said...

yup, i don't see the need to spend hundreds of ringgit on a pair of shoes, unless, of course if we are really2 desperate, or in a buy or die situation hahaha.
maunya i dye kasut putih tu dalam pink dye kang! or rendam the pink shoes in clorox bleach. grrrrr!!

selagi tak jumpa, selagi tu stress.

yam^Artfingers^ said...

Ding dong...tumpang hopping to yours when I saw this title kt yash's blog.
My stuartz ms kawin tak terpakai2 sampai skrg.syg sgt...if only my shoe size sng cari..I would hv gone to elo too!their shoes r really2 nice!congratz on your pretty acquisitions:)

Izyan Darling said...

hello! thank u for dropping by. u kasut size berapa? actually size 'normal' i.e. size 5 macam i ni pun susah nak cari sebab banyak orang size 5, jadi selalu cepat habis. mesti mahal kasut stuartz u tu kan, tu yang sayang nak pakai tu. ;)