Wednesday, December 29, 2010

final shoe story

Ok, i promise this will be my last shoe story. well at least with regards to wedding shoes, that is. Since the earlier pink shoes did not really match my pink dress, I just have to find another pink shoes. On Christmas Eve, before attending the office Christmas Eve dinner at Serena Brasserie at Nikko Hotel, I made a 'quick' visit at KLCC. Luckily the Boss allowed us to leave at 5pm that day and dinner will only start at 7.30pm so what the heck. No way am I gonna stay at the office, right? I might as well go shopping. Besides, I have RM20 Isetan voucher which will expire on 31st December 2010.
I went to Isetan and i browsed through the shoe section but I couldn't find any. I was frustrated. I belek2 headbands, I belek2 necklaces, earrings, hair pins and whatnot. Well, what can you get with RM20 anyway, right? I almost bought a headband with the RM20 voucher but headbands and other things are my least concern at the moment.
I went to the shoe section again and browsed again for the umpteenth time. Suddenly a pair of Pedal Works pink shoes caught my eyes. How come I did not notice them earlier? It's because they were placed at the top rack and I am not that tall anyway. No wonder I missed them the first time. I tried them on and I asked for size 5. Woohooo they have size 5! And it's not the last pair. They have not one but two pairs left in size 5. pheww~~ persistence and patience paid off.

presenting THE shoes.

OK it may not look that pink in the pic but trust me, this is the closest to soft pink that I can get.

should i add some bling bling? or should i just leave it as it is?

I have my old brooches that I bought for my purple shoes. Since the pink shoes has no place or a loop of some sort to pin the brooch, I pinned it on a transparent white ribbon as shown in the above picture.

I tied it on the shoes. You can't hardly see the ribbon, right?

I'll trim the ribbon accordingly, if I decide to have the bling bling on.

So I guess the shoe hunt is officially over. The price was RM99.00. Of course, this one has no discount whatsoever pffffttt. No special discount for Isetan cardmember, no less, nothing. Luckily I have my RM20 voucher so I paid RM79.00 for the shoes.

Like I don't already have enough shoes, I saw this pair at Vincci Midvalley last weekend. It was on sale. 50% discount from RM75.00. how not to buy?


ween said...

the pink shoes look better with the brooch. please, add it on. love ur creativity! ;)

Izyan Darling said...

hello ween,
tq for dropping by My Crap Sheet. so u think it's better to pin the brooch? i thought so too. besides, i already have them, right? thanks for your input. :)

Miera Nadhirah said...

Love your blog .. so am passing this Liebster Blog award onwards to you...

Cheers Miera

Izyan Darling said...

tq so much for the award miera. ur too kind! :)