Friday, December 17, 2010

hotel stay for RM1?

It is really worth it to listen, wait and call when the cue to call is up, especially when the prize is as good as a free 2D/1N stay at a luxurious hotel. Earlier this month, in conjunction with Eastin Hotel's 1st Anniversary held a contest exclusively for's listeners. All you have to do is call in when you hear the cue to call and answer a simple question about Eastin Hotel in general.
Everytime i hear the cue, I frantically tried to call in but to no avail. Sometimes my calls were unanswered but most times, the call did not go through as the line was busy. I was frustrated because I think that the prize is totally worth it. Winners get to stay for 2D/1N at Eastin Hotel Penang in a deluxe room worth RM550++ at a mere RM1! If that is not worth it, I don't know what is. I didn't know that they run the contest for 2 weeks if I am not mistaken. I thought I've lost my chance but the following week, I heard the cue to call so I just HAVE to try again.
Then one day, I heard the cue and immediately called in. I already put the irtelephone number on standby. My heart pounded heavily as I heard the ringing tone. I was excited & nervous. After a few rings, I thought that they were not going to pick up my call but then the DJ picked up. PHEW~~
All I had to do was answer this question:

" is the website for Eastin Hotel. True or false?"

I answered TRUE and I won.

I have received the voucher in the mail last week and I am glad to see that the validity period is until February 2011 and there are no other terms apart from reservation must be made 3 days before check in, subject to availability, of course. Luckily they didn't say that it is only applicable on weekdays, not applicable on weekends or public holidays.
I can so go on a short honeymoon in Penang!
Now, let's find other interesting contests to enter.


Skinny Yash said...

yeay! congratsss! call me! ;)

Izyan Darling said...

thanks babe! ur in penang kan? haruslah i call u and haruslah u bawak i makan2 di sana! ;)