Friday, November 19, 2010

preloved item number 1

i've started clearing part of my closet and i found quite a lot of unused items that's been lying in the cupboard, consuming space. i buy new ones but i hardly, or ever clear out the old ones. no wonder why my cupboard is almost bursting!
most clothes will be donated to charity or the less fortunate but there are some items which are not suitable to be donated, for example this long halter top dress.

i mean, i don't think it's appropriate to give away this dress to the less fortunate, right? so i thought, i should try my luck at selling it. who knows, somebody might be interested in it and i could use some cash. hmmm....
the dress is purple in colour. i bought it many years back for one of my uni dinners. i can't remember how much i bought it for.

the halter part of the dress is made of chiffon, the lower part is velvet and the dress part is lycra so it is highly stretchable.
i was size 8 back then OMG! that's number 8, not size S. (how i wish i'm a size S!) damn, how the hell did i get this big today??? pfffttt!

hohoho but i can still fit it all right! phew! but then again, it is lycra, which is highly stretchable but i've to suck in my tummy all the time or else you can see the unsightly bulges. bleugh~ the front part is sexy, yes? it is advisable for you to wear a nu bra or a nipple tape or the bare lifts. since the material clings to your body, please make sure there are no VPLs ok?

excuse my messy mak nenek hair. *embarrassed* it was late at night and i just have to show the back part of the dress. the dress is still in good condition, even though i've worn it a few times, to dinners and vain purposes.

since the year is coming to an end and there will be parties, dinners, prom nights and what not, i am selling this dress at a very reasonable price. to those who are looking for a sleek long dress at dirt cheap price, you've come to the right place. how much you may ask? i am selling it at a mere RM25. just add RM7 for postage. so what are you waiting for? i'm sure you're not gonna wear the same dress to different parties, right? so why need to spend so much on 1 dress? if you are interested, email me at


Cynth said...

omg! that's so cheap!!! lemme go ask my friend nathalie if she wanna buy :D

Izyan Darling said...

dirt cheap, right? i just wanna let go of the dress. ;) please do ask your friend if she's interested.