Friday, October 29, 2010

that colourful thing

how often do we notice a rainbow in the sky? not that often, right? so when we see a rainbow, we tend to get over excited. we tend to look in awe. we tend to slow down our cars (if we're driving) and we tend to point and take a picture of it. by we, i mean me. myself.

this was taken many weeks back, while i was driving on my way home. if i'm not mistaken, this was about 7 something in the evening when it was still bright. told ya i would slow down and take a picture of the rainbow. *sigh* i never get to see a rainbow before because most of the time, if not every time i go back, it was already dark. pffttt. it only lasts for a few minutes though but i am lucky to have seen it and captured it.
anyway, speaking of rainbows, suddenly the images of rainbow cakes came to my mind. grrrr.
don't you just love the colours? i have never tasted a rainbow cake before but i bet it tastes like butter cake, only with colours. but it sure looks fun to eat, right? maybe i should try baking one. but then again, i've also wanted to bake a red velvet cake but that has yet to happen. LOL. i wonder if this rainbow cake idea will materialize in the near future. next weekend is a long weekend due to Deepavali holidays so that may be a good time to try one. i think it's just as simple as baking a butter cake. the only thing needed are lots of colouring and patience since it needs to be baked layer by layer, unless i want to have a marbled effect like this.
this is so much easier but of course the layered ones look prettier. colouring can be easily bought at the supermarket but patience? that is something i am lacking of. i also need a few baking tins if i were to do the layered type. hmmmm...

while i was googling for the images of the rainbow cakes (go ahead and tell me if you are not blinded by the colours), i came across these wedding rainbow cake. aren't they simply gorgeous? now that is not a typical wedding cake all right! it would be so much fun to have a rainbow coloured wedding cake, don't you think? it's definitely something to consider but then it might not suit my theme colour. and who in the world needs 5-7 tiers of cake? i know it won't be cheap too! a 3 tier wedding cake can easily cost RM700 and above, depending on the design. *sigh*
oh well, i better focus on my theme colour then. unless, of course someone wants to sponsor a gorgeous 5 or 7 tier wedding cake for me, i wouldn't mind having one like the above.

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