Monday, November 22, 2010

world walking day

did you know that yesterday, Sunday 21st November 2010 was World Walking Day? did you know there was an event held at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa? you didn't know? neither do i. that is, until i reached there at 8ish in the morning with mum. she woke me up at 8 a.m. on a lovely Sunday morning and asked me to join her jogging. to be honest, i was lazy as hell to wake up, especially that i slept at 3 the night before watching trash on Astro. however, i know that i haven't been doing justice to my body the past few days by eating like mad, so i dragged my lazy ass and woke up and got ready.

we arrived there at 8ish and the area was packed more than usual. there were no parking, cars were parked by the roadside causing a massive jam but we were lucky that one car went out and my clk squeezed in at the corner and parked comfortably. that was when i noticed the buntings and posters hanging around. how come i never heard of this event on the radio or seen of it on the internet? a few radio stations were the sponsors/organizers of the event btw. a lot of people were wearing a bright green t-shirt, which was free for those who registered at 6.30 a.m. i guess and the field was buzzing with activities. mum & i went on and jogged (or rather brisk walked) around the lake, twice. we then decided to check out the event as it was still on-going.

we bought three packets of nestle yogurt drink for RM10. a good bargain.

there were many booths giving out drinks-milo, nesvita, nescafe, nestle cereal, omega plus and maggi. that's mum in the blue t-shirt. she was going to queue for maggi mee i think. we didn't get to eat the cereal though as they were already packing and closing their booth boohoo~

milo was a favourite. who doesn't like ice cold milo on a hot sunny day, right?

we thought of having nasi lemak or roti canai (kinda defeats the purpose of working out, i know) after our walk but we were full with the free drinks & stuff. maggi for breakfast? what the heck. at least it's not nasi lemak and it's only a puny cup of maggi ayam. :P

malaysians. enough said. it is disgusting to see rubbish everywhere. it is the duties of the management and organizers to prepare enough bins & garbage bags. there were no workers in sight to collect the garbage but it was not a reason to throw the used cups anywhere you please. what an eyesore!

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