Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Product Review-Clip In Bangs

i have naturally curly/wavy (most of the time messy) hair. i envy those with straight long hair and i bet those with straight long hair envy those with naturally curly/wavy hair. that is just human nature, i suppose. i also envy those with super sleek and super gorgeous bangs or fringe. i've always wanted to try to have bangs but every time i asked the hairdresser whether it'll look good on me, most, if not all of them (i go to different salons every time, btw) tell me that it does not suit my face. :(
they say that side partings is better as it covers part of the forehead. i noticed i have quite a large one too. however, due to my curly/wavy hair, often times the side partings didn't turn out like how i wanted it to be. i don't want to iron the front part of my hair every time. like my hair is not damaged already as it is, huh? so guess what i did? i found this.

this is what you call clip in bangs. it comes in three colours-black, dark brown and light brown. mine is dark brown.

option 1: front bangs. i think i looked bulat here. not that i am not bulat but i think this style makes me look bulat-er.

option 2: i clipped the bangs on the side and voila~

isn't it amazing? i don't have to worry about my bangs becoming penyek or wavy or tak jadi. it is easy to use, just clip it on and you're set to go. it blends well with your hair too.
speaking of hair, the (many) hairdressers tell me that i have sensitive scalp. anyone knows a home remedy to cure sensitive scalp and prevent hair fall or does anyone want to suggest a good shampoo for me? please.


Unknown said...

omg! babe u look so cute!!!=)anyways thanks for the review.Glad it works for u~ hehe. i will link u in my blog soon, btw if u hv a banner do send to me ya,it will be better, cause i can't adjust the size of the text in my blog side bar as it is pre-set already at abt 11 font size, pretty small.

Unknown said...

you are most welcome, babe. and thanks for the compliment! :)
btw i don't have a banner lah. :( how la? just a simple link will be fine i guess. ;)

today i m suhana said...

I can't wait to review mine soon when I got my bangs :D
I think I want to do Katy perry impersonation =D

Unknown said...

hi there! can't wait to read ur review and oh, u wanna do a Katy Perry impersonation? can't wait to see that! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi.for your sensitive scalp prob, i dont have home/traditional remedy.but i frequent this saloon at kota damansara who provides superb scalp is their speciality.if compared to other salons who usually know only the aesthetic part of the hair, their products focus more on improving the healthy scalp = healthy hair right..
my experience.. i went there first to do the full treatment (i think 4 or 5 step of scalp revitalizaition that worth rm250).they will scan ur scalp first so that time i saw how congested my hair follicle wonder i suffered from severe hair loss sebab new hair tak boleh nak keluar.then they proceed with the scalp scrub who will clean all the dirt.. shampoo.. put on treatment etc..and voila they scan again the scalp after the treatment and i can see so much improvement. later i did the treatment every month tapi i buat the scrub je which cost about rm80 sahaja.. lain2 step tu i skip. and my hair is much thicker n fuller now.. everbody notices !!not to mention it look healthier. i take it as a monthly 'facial' for my hair la..

this is their website

so far their service is very good and no need to make prior appt sebab tak berapa ramai customer lagi..and one more thing, for healthy hair, try eat folic acid daily. you can buy it at major watson/guardian for RM0.60 per tab (satu tab ada 10 biji. 1 biji - 5mcg folic acid).. my doc presribed me as a supplement and i noticed my hair tak gugur LANGSUNG dah.. even kat dalam bilik air or bilik tidur..amazing right ? plus folic acid is good for us women..

hehe sorila terkomen panjang.. i suffered severe hairloss jugak sometime ago so agak depress time tu.. hope my comment will help you in your hair prob. plsss dont go to yun nam or whatever yang sewaktu dengannya.. they are crap !! mahal mencekik darah and they do not even guarantee the result

Unknown said...

hello there anonymous,
thank u very much for dropping by and thank u so much for the above tips, suggestion & advise. i really appreciate it. :)
may i know what shampoo do u use now? i am thinking of using the bawang shampoo but i'm scared that it won't work. the hairdressers suggested me all kinds of shampoos that cost more than RM100 per bottle but i am not gonna pay that much for something that i am not sure. dah la botol besar, kalau xde kesan, macam membazir lah kan? i thought of checking out yun nam and the like but i know they're expensive so tak jadi lah.
i shall check out the place that u recommend but 1st, i'm gonna go to the nearby guradian/watson to get me some folic acid.
again, thank u for your lengthy comment. i truly appreciate it. :)

Anonymous said...

dulu2 i guna schwarzkopf shampoo for dry hair (moisture therapy) tp since i shampoo my hair everyday it tend to make my hair kusam.. because of the strong ingredients kot.. dulu2 i penah guna redken.. loreal n even baby johnsons tp nothing work really effective

the thing about shampoo is, the better you can lather your hair in it, the stronger the ingredients are. kalau u shampoo ur hair keluar buih besar2 meaning that it contain byk chemicals.. after i went having the treatment at the salon i buy their shampoo from la biosthetique range (rm72 per bottle.. yes it is pricier and bottle agak kecik some more) tp i notice dia xde buih sgt..and u only require to use sikit je.. so far my hair xde kusam after 5-6 washes..

i heard good reviews on bawang shampoo too.. except the smell yg mcm bau ginseng.. the shampoo im currently using is odourless so it is no prob to me as byk perfume dalam shampoo pun boleh rosakkan rambut.

Unknown said...

i would think a million times before paying more than RM50 for a bottle of shampoo. mahal laaaa :( i've tried quite a number of shampoos jugak but i haven't found one that really suits me. mula2 pakai ok but after some time, my hair gets flaky or oily or falls a lot. so i tukar. and tukar lagi. kalau pergi salon, segala macam shampoo dorang akan suggest. i pun shampoo rambut hari2 sebab kalau x shampoo, akan berminyak. masa i kat uk, i ada beli shampoo & serum brand Aussie. mula2 pakai ok, lama2 pakai, my scalp jadi greasy and my hair gugur banyak. tapi bau sedap, bau peach. :D
pening i fikir. tiap kali nak beli shampoo, berjam2 i dok belek2, fikir shampoo apa yang bagus, sesuai, serasi.
i think i'm gonna try bawang shampoo lah.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys but , the bawang shampoo , does it grow with a blackish hair ? Cz my hair is not that black so Im scared if it grows black so boleh nampak the contra :(

Unknown said...

hi anonymous,
i haven't tried the Bawang shampoo yet as i'm waiting for my current shampoo to finish. i am currently using pantene hair fall control shampoo and i don't think it's working.

bicara mak dara said...

hi sis.. niceeee....i just got the bang 5 mins ago from secret model too.. cant wait to try it..

.::: Princess MOMOY :::. said...

alamak ...sis u nampak cantik
tak sabar nak order juga ni dari michelle
thx for review.. suka testi yang begini

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