Friday, June 11, 2010

choc mania

guess what's in the bag?

these babies!

here's the bill

i wanted to buy certain chocs but most come in big bags (not that i can't finish them) and the price cost more than RM50 per bag. *sigh* i contemplated and took quite some time to decide which chocs to buy. if i spend X amount of money for brand X chocs, i will only end up with one type of chocs. i might as well vary it. i was spoilt for choices. you would too, looking at the wide selection of chocs. however, i am extremely happy with my purchase. i am gonna stuff my face with all these yummy chocs. i'm good for the next month (or less).


uchan said...

yummy...all look yummy...

bet you can finish the chocs in a week ^_^

dipsz said...

wow. best.