Thursday, August 27, 2009

unplanned plan

sometimes, an unplanned plan, or a spontaneous plan is very much better than a planned plan. sometimes we tend to plan too much but in the end, it may not work out. yesterday, i had a berbuka puasa plan with a few friends at NZ Garden. i wanted to leave the office at 530ish but it rained cats and dogs. i knew I'm gonna be stuck in traffic. my office mates also had a plan of their own but all of us were 'stranded' due to the really bad weather.
so each of us cancelled our plans and went to KLCC for buka puasa instead. it was a spontaneous decision. crossing the road to KL Convention Center with umbrellas in hand doesn't really help. we were almost drenched because it was windy. luckily our umbrellas didn't fly off or else we would've become Mary Poppins. To kill time (which seem to move ever so sowly when one is super duper hungry), we took pics.

Kak Lin and I

Kak Rina and Zura

we were already seated at the food court at 630pm and we had a hard time deciding what to eat. eventually, this was what we had:

Beef Noodle and Iced Coffee for me

Zura had Claypot Chicken & Mushroom Rice

Rina had Salmon Teppanyaki and Watermelon Juice

Kak Lin had Chicken Briyani and Iced Tea

The crowd waiting for azan

It was a simple but nice buka puasa. we did plan to have a buka puasa session among us office mates but it is not until next week or the following week but what the heck. like i said, sometimes, an unplanned plan is very much better than planned plans.


kruel74 said...

And why did I read your blog in the middle of a fasting month day with all those food pics

echoesdesign said...

it is called...impromptu

me n my mates love to do that...


nk buka puasa kol 730pm...kol 5 baru nk call org nk confirm n baru nk call restaurant for booking...:D

dips said...

hahah ye lah babe...sometimes its better an unplanned ..