Tuesday, August 25, 2009

don't push it

i get really annoyed when people push the elevator button one too many times, especially when the button is already pushed. seriously, pushing or in most cases, poking the button will not make the elevator come down or up faster. i am not sure if there is a thing called elevator etiquette but i think there should be. what i notice is that when a group of people get into the elevator, they will continue their talk, oblivious to the surrounding. we are already confined in a small space, standing too close to each other, smelling each other (euuuwww) and holding our breaths. the condition is already uncomfortable so the last thing i want to do is to hear you talk and gossip with your friends (even though sometimes i don't understand a word you say because you were speaking in your language but still).
same goes to the traffic light button. pushing the button many times will not make the light turn red (for the cars to stop, if at all) and the crossing light green (for the pedestrians to cross) anytime faster. if it has been pushed, why the need to push and push it again? i just don't get it.
how would you feel if you were poked at? and no, i am not referring to the facebook poke.